Change Management

Importance of Change Management

Effective application of change management increases the success rate of organizational changes to as high as 96%1

Prosci’s research has shown that projects with excellent change management effectiveness are 6 times more likely to meet or exceed project objectives. Change management increases the success of organizational change and project initiatives by applying a structured framework of methods, tools and processes managing the change from a current state to a future state. Regardless of the scale of change, applying a change management framework increases the probability of staying on schedule and budget, resulting in higher benefit realization and ROI.

Don’t be left behind

In today’s fast-paced world, every organization can benefit from a better way to manage change. Leading corporations, governmental entities, institutions and non-profits are adopting change management as an organizational competency, viewing it as a competitive advantage in our ever-changing business world.

Risks when change is not managed effectively

  • Productivity declines
  • Passive resistance escalates
  • Active resistance emerges and sabotages the change
  • Valued employees leave the organization
  • Morale deteriorates
  • Projects go over budget and past their deadline
  • Employees find workarounds to avoid the new way of doing things or revert to the old way
  • Divides are created in the organization between ‘us’ and ‘them’
  • The organization builds a history of failed and painful changes

Prosci’s approach to change management

Prosci is the world leading provider of change management training and products supported by proprietary best practices research and a process-driven, tool-rich methodology for managing change from an individual level to enterprise-wide competency. See The Prosci® Advantage for more information on Prosci’s change management solutions.

1: Best Practices in Change Management, Prosci Inc.

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