What is Change Management?

Realizing the benefits of your strategy depends on people changing how they do their work. Change management is a structured approach to drive these individual transitions.

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Prosci Solutions

Prosci’s research-based change management solutions build individual competencies and organizational capabilities. Leverage two decades of research to manage change and maximize your organization’s performance.

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Training and Certification

Become a certified change management practitioner, trainer, or expert. Experience our role-based training options for executives, project leaders, and individual contributors.

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Client Success Stories

"Prosci’s methodology and role-based trainings are uniquely built to work just as well in the academic side of campus as they do on the administration side. But what really set Prosci apart was the Prosci team’s willingness to help us modify their programs to accommodate our distinct needs.

Bernadette Han
- Bernadette Han,  Staff Education and Development

UC San Diego

The University of California, San Diego is one of the top 15 research universities worldwide.

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A Prosci license was critical to building an enterprise-wide change capability. The license gave us both the structure to standardize Prosci’s change management approach and the flexibility to integrate change management into our established strategy, leadership development and project processes.

- Carla Howard, Change Management COE


Avnet is a global distributor of electronic components, enterprise IT and embedded technology.

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“Here at CDOT, we know that building and maintaining effective organizational change capability is crucial. Prosci’s comprehensive approach is straightforward, research-based, easy to use and aligns with our strategic direction. This partnership is fundamental to our success.

- Gary Vansuch, Director of Process Improvement


The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is an industry leader and develops highway and other transit within the State of Colorado.

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Jan. 24 & 25: How to Harness the Power of Your Change Enabling System

 Emerging change-enabling systems provide a home and platform for the crucial change capabilities our organizations need to thrive.

Feb 7 & 8: How to Leverage the Project Change Triangle (PCT Model)

In this webinar you will learn how to assess the health of your project, identify root causes of problems, and create action steps to realize the desired results and outcomes of change.

Feb 14 & 15: How to Engage your Sponsors

This webinar will focus on how to engage your sponsors effectively throughout the life of your project including how to enable senior leaders to succeed as sponsors.

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Prosci Portal

Transform the way you manage change with the online Prosci Portal. Learn about foundational and advanced topics with free tutorials and webinars. Apply and measure change more effectively with cloud-based tools. Access all of your change resources in one virtual Portal.

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