Creating a Change-Ready Culture

Prosci goes beyond delivering a proven step-by-step approach to managing organizational change. We partner with you to help you align the right resources, develop best-practice strategies, and effect change in your organization today and tomorrow.


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Become a "Change-Ready" Organization

What is Change Management?

A Structured Approach to Implementing Change

Change management is the people side of any organizational change—whether you’re fixing problems, responding to market trends, or taking advantage of new opportunities. It focuses on ensuring that your whole team embraces your new direction or adopts and learns to use your new systems and processes.

Change management is the perfect solution when you’re...

  • Tackling a must-win project
  • Implementing a change that affects people
  • Addressing resistance to your change

Change Management Impact on Your Organization

Without Change Management

Employees feel surprised and besieged by change

  • Failed project results
  • Extended project schedules
  • Additional project costs
  • Low adoption and usage
With Change Management

Employees feel prepared, equipped and supported

  • Likely to meet objective
  • Likely to stay on schedule
  • Likely to stay on budget
  • Capture people-dependent ROI
The Prosci ADKAR Model

The World's Most Widely Adopted Individual Change Management Framework

We developed the Prosci ADKAR Model—the industry standard for change management practitioners worldwide—to give you a results-oriented approach for responding to a simple truth: company-wide change happens one person at a time.

We know that successful change hinges on how well people adapt. The ADKAR Model is a simple step-by-step approach that helps you and your team achieve success, no matter how complex the system, process, approach or culture you need to affect or transform.


Tailored Solutions to Meet Your Needs

We offer results-focused solutions, tailored to meet your specific needs and organizational goals.

Integrated Solutions
Experience a second-to-none, role-based change management training program perfect for change practitioners, project managers and executive teams.
Advisory Services
Learn everything you need to know about managing change. Prosci partners with you to find solutions as you adopt and implement change within your organization.
Achieve success at every level—enterprise, organization and individual—with a full suite of tools and training materials customized to meet your unique needs.
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Top Reasons Clients Choose Prosci

When you partner with Prosci, you get access to over 20 years of industry-leading research and proven experience on what it takes to drive successful change.

Years of Change Management Research
People Trained & Certified Wordwide
of Fortune 100 companies partner with Prosci
Micron Technology
Lockheed Martin

Helping World-Class Organizations Achieve Success

Read Success Stories
Diane Schreiner
Director of Business Transformation
We selected Prosci based on its practical application, scalability, 14+ years of experience (at the time), research foundation, and the fact that change management is its core competency... The people there want you to have the tools and skill sets to be able to grow change management.
Gary Vansuch
Director of Process Improvement
Here at CDOT, we know that building and maintaining effective organizational change capability is crucial. Prosci’s comprehensive approach is straightforward, research-based, easy to use and aligns with our strategic direction. This partnership is fundamental to our success.
Suz Michel
VP Org Development and Change
They have been instrumental in supporting our efforts to build a full enterprise change capability: including structure, training, tools, and advisory services support. Most importantly, they have helped us set a strategy and roadmap that we can use for years to come.

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