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Case Studies for Advanced Change Management: Igniting the Conversation

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While attending Prosci's Advanced Program, participants are asked to bring two case studies: one that they will use in an exercise, and another that they will use as the base for their Program presentation. Throughout the Advanced Program, participants are encouraged to talk about their case studies as well as a number of others that Prosci provides. The goal? To leverage lessons learned in a meaningful and actionable way.

Think Critically About Real
Change Management Situations

In every module of the Advanced change management training, Prosci uses our research and case studies to talk about trends and popular methods in the change management industry. Once Prosci provides the context for the topic, the group is asked to think critically about it. That means taking away the assumptions of the perfect situation. What if you are working with a matrixed organization? What if you have dual sponsorship?

There are a host of other things you learn once you take change management out of the training classroom and into a real-world situation, and Prosci's Advanced Program offers you a place to not only talk about these challenges but to also brainstorm solutions and hear how other change management professionals handled them. This is where the Program really comes alive.  

Understand the Why of Change Management

The Prosci Change Management Certification Program explains a lot on the what of change management. In the Advanced Program, participants focus primarily on the how. This perspective provides a rich context for discussion, as every participant has first-hand knowledge of a least a few change initiatives. By approaching change management through this lens, participants are able to knowledgeably discuss and internalize the why of change management—why a dedicated approach is so important, and how you can mold that approach to work with your organization.

Gain Lessons Learned

When you look at the different case studies that people bring to the Advanced Program, you start to notice trends and similarities in experiences. It’s where you will discover that while your projects may be different, the people problems are almost universally the same. By making these new connections and gaining insight from others, you start to gain the great learnings and reflections the Advanced Program aims for.

As you dive deeper into your own and others’ case studies throughout the three days of training, you will be able to not only reflect on what you did really well but what you could have done better. How many times have you planned for a Lessons Learned review when you started a change initiative, but then ran out of time and were swept up into the next project? Lessons Learned are a great improvement tool—but only when we actually have the time to review, reflect and act on them. The Advanced Program provides a venue for you to complete that in-depth review that every project deserves but that we rarely have time to complete.

Review lessons learned. Think critically about real-world experiences. Gain a deeper understanding of the why and the how of change management. Are you ready to jump into the discussion? Sign up for the next Advanced Program!

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