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Explore the Levels of Change Management

Emerging Career: Advanced Certified Instructor

Written by Michelle Haggerty

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Organizations are developing change management as a core competency, a trend that will carry through for the next five years. To deploy a change management capability build, organizations are focusing on training and education. There is an emerging career here: the Advanced Certified Instructor.

Why Organizations Are Training in Change Management

Prosci research participants identified the top two-year trend in their organizations as a greater awareness of the need for change management. With a greater awareness comes motivation - we are seeing more resources, the development of dedicated change management positions and a much broader application of change management.

This surge of interest and desire to integrate change management is a huge development within the discipline. Organizations and individuals are eager to learn more about change management and begin implementing it! If we think about this in terms of the Prosci ADKAR Model, many organizations are graduating from awareness and desire to knowledge.

While this is a welcomed development, it is critical that individuals and teams understand how to apply change management (gain knowledge) and that they use the same change management tools and language. The best way to ensure this is through effective role-based training, delivered by skilled change professionals. 

Who Needs Training?

Prosci’s latest research shows a significant increase in training provided to change management resources. 

Surge in certified change management practitioners

Data also showed that it is not just training that matters. Certification in change management was obtained by nearly three quarters of study participants, with Prosci Certification leading the industry.



Other groups trained in change management

Other groups that received change management training included project teams (44%), managers and supervisors (37%), executives (31%) and impacted employees (15%).



What Makes a Good Training Facilitator?

A well-trained change management training facilitator has advanced knowledge, skills and experience not only in change management but also in leading highly effective training sessions that enable attendees to immediately apply what they’ve learned.

So what contributes to effective change management training? Participants in Best Practices in Change Management - 2016  Edition noted the following: 

  • Role-specific training

  • Quality instructors

  • Engaging delivery

  • Inclusion of adult learning methods

  • Hands-on and practical application

  • Variety of training mediums (including face-to-face, on-the-job and web-based trainings)

Utilizing an Internal Trainer

Leveraging internal facilitators to train and certify others is a cultural and cost-effective way to develop organizational change capability. Internal training ensures that all levels of the organization develop an understanding of the value of change management and how best to apply it in relation to their specific projects and goals.  

Attaining the Prosci Advanced Instructor Certification enables an individual to provide certification in the Prosci methodology in addition to gaining advanced facilitation skills to train their organization’s executives, project teams, managers, supervisors and impacted employees.

However, training in change management can’t be done by just anyone. An experienced practitioner with platform skills, interpersonal skills and change management application experience is needed in order to create effective and successful knowledge transfer. You can learn more about how to become an Advanced Certified Instructor with the information guide below.


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