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Explore the Levels of Change Management

Emerging Career: Advanced Deployment Leader

Written by Michelle Haggerty

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Leading organizations are realizing that the ability to deliver results in times of change is a competitive differentiator they simply can’t afford to pass up. Having an advanced change professional responsible for ensuring change management is a core competency of the organization is imperative to competitive differentiation.

Maturity of Change Management

The change management discipline is maturing. Over the course of only two years, 68% of Prosci research respondents reported an increase in organizational change management maturity by at least one level. Climbing the maturity scale does not happen by chance. It takes structure, intent and advanced resources to lead this type of maturity growth.

3.1_Level_of_Change_Management_MaturityWhile the data from the past two years is important, perhaps more interesting and more telling are the projected discipline trends. Participants of the Best Practices in Change Management study identified the top trends they expect in the discipline over the next five years:

  1. Integration with project management
  2. Continued maturation of the discipline of change management
  3. Focus on building internal capabilities and core competency
  4. Recognition and acceptance of change management as a discipline
  5. Increased executive awareness

With an increasing focus on building internal capabilities and core competencies, leading organizations are looking for skilled professionals that have their own capability and core competency in leading change management deployment.

Deploying Change Management

Deploying change management across an enterprise takes structure and intent. Training, education and standardization of a methodology were the top three steps for building an organizational capability in change management according to the Best Practices in Change Management Report – 2016 Edition.

It also takes advanced change professionals with the skill set and experience to craft a plan and execute a plan for deployment across the enterprise. Having an advanced deployment lead with the following capabilities helps an organization realize its true change capabilities:

  • Identification & assessment of current change management maturity
  • Understanding of inhibitors and drivers of environment
  • Ability to drive strategic discussion & decision on future change maturity vision

Enhance your knowledge, skills, experience and expertise to grow change management as a core capability across an organization with the Advanced Deployment Leader Certification. Learn more with the information guide below.

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