ADKAR Dashboard

Product Type: Portal Tool

Gain access to real quantifiable ADKAR data on how impacted groups and individuals are progressing through your change initiative.  Use the ADKAR Dashboard to guide impacted individuals through your change project.

Availability: Open


This product is available for purchase in the Prosci Portal. You will need to create a new account in the Prosci Portal to purchase this tool.

Assess and track how individuals are adopting a change throughout the project lifecycle in order to optimize your change management work and achieve better results. Use the ADKAR Dashboard to survey employees and track their progress through five milestones of individual transition in the Prosci ADKAR Model.

Create an unlimited number of projects and add the groups and individuals who are impacted by the project to be surveyed. Use the app's pre-created surveys or create your own customized surveys. Use survey data over time to identify resistance, focus change management efforts, and ultimately drive more individual transitions and project success. 

Key features:

  • Create as many projects, groups, individuals and surveys as you need
  • Select and edit pre-loaded surveys weighted to focus on the beginning, middle, and end of the ADKAR process
  • Use Anonymous Survey feature to gain unbiased, untracked survey results
  • Immediately view results as the app collects and compiles them
  • Accurately track current state by viewing latest survey results
  • View survey results at-a-glance or in-depth level
  • Review barrier point analysis for tracked individuals or anonymous responses

This cloud-based app is available for purchase in the Prosci Portal. The Prosci Portal is a virtual platform for change professionals. You can purchase this and other cloud-based change management apps in the Portal. 

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