Change Management Guide for Managers

Product Type: Hard-copy toolkit

Managers play a critical role in change. The Change Management Guide for Managers toolkit provides people leaders with guidance, tools and templates to lead themselves and their employees through the change process. 

Availability: Open


Research has proven that people leaders are critical in helping employees succeed in times of change. Whether you’re a manager looking to grow your own change leadership competency, or a change management professional supporting other people leaders, this toolkit provides a clear framework to help managers prepare themselves for change and successfully lead employees through change using the Prosci ADKAR® Model.

This toolkit teaches you how to use the ADKAR Model to understand your own points of resistance to change, and help prepare yourself to embrace the changes impacting you and your team. Then, use the ADKAR model to pinpoint the root cause of resistance in your employees, and develop action plans to help them overcome these barriers and make a successful transition.

The Change Management Guide for Managers comes as a hardcopy and includes:

  • Detailed instructions for leading yourself and practitioners through change
  • Easy-to-use assessments and templates to support the change leadership process
  • A USB stick with digital versions of all templates and assessments.

As bonus reference material, you will also receive the following books:

  • The Employee’s Survival Guide to Change
  • ADKAR: A Model for Change in Business, Government and our Community

License Information:

The Change Management Guide for Managers is for individual use and comes with a single-user license. You will receive terms and conditions of the license upon purchase. As a single user, you are able to use the information, tools, and templates in this toolkit to conduct your own change management work. You are able to collect data from other people using the assessments in the toolkit and are able to share the outputs of the toolkit with others for evaluation and execution.

The license for this toolkit does not allow you to create training materials or reproduce the content for distribution for use by other individuals. Each user of this toolkit must have their own hard-copy toolkit and single-user license. For questions about the license for this tool, or to inquire about enterprise licenses, please contact us.