Taking charge of change in the new reality

The path forward will require we come together to solve new problems at an accelerated pace. Organizations are looking for ways to support their employees through critical changes in practical, thoughtful ways. Because changing successfully is more important than ever.

Key individuals in your organization—like change practitioners, project managers, people managers and senior leaders—play their unique and vital roles in change. When they're prepared for those roles, they can do more to help others transition through today's changes, while you're better positioned for successful change outcomes in the future.

Join us for one or more days of timely, virtual one-day programs designed for the roles that matter most in effecting change in your organization.

Leverage engaging remote training
Prosci is known for delivering unforgettable learning experiences, and these virtual programs are no exception. They're engaging and interactive, unlike traditional remote training.
Help individuals play their part
Whether it's people managers, change practitioners, project managers, senior leaders or others involved in effecting change, preparing them for their roles is key to change success.
Achieve better change outcomes
These role-based virtual programs are founded on 20+ years of industry research and best practices, including proven strategies for getting the results you need on important change initiatives.

Three days of virtual, role-based training

Explore the latest research and build specific tactics for adapting change management to Agile iterative development. By integrating the two disciplines, you can improve efficiencies and enhance project results. Tuition: $989
Learn the fundamental concepts and organizational benefits of change management. See how they relate to your unique and rapidly changing environment, and how to apply them to a specific project or change initiative. Tuition: $500
Help your managers understand their critical role in supporting their teams through the important changes you're undertaking. And equip them with the framework and tools needed to be effective change leaders. Tuition: $750

Interested in private virtual training?

You can bring any of these programs directly to your organization for a custom, virtual event. Reach out to solutions@prosci.com to learn how.

"The winners of the future will be those that can out-change the competition, the market and customer demands."
Tim Creasey