We’re excited to announce the promotion of Jim Hedberg to Chief Financial Officer at Prosci. Formerly Prosci’s VP of Finance, Jim directs the global financial strategy at Prosci to ensure financial stewardship while helping the organization expand responsibly to meet growing client needs. His role also focuses on maintaining fiscal health and compliance with reporting and other standards.


Jim’s elevated role includes executive leadership of the Finance, Legal and HR teams. A passionate leader known for building trust, Jim enjoys collaborating with the people of Prosci at all levels and creating opportunities for his team members to grow.

Jim brings more than three decades of financial expertise to Prosci. He’s a seasoned accounting and finance leader who has served well-known brands such as Ernst & Young, Crocs, Inc. and Rockwell Automation. Before joining Prosci, Jim was Chief Financial Officer for Kiosk Information Systems, as well as VP Accounting and Finance for Travelers Haven and Hotel Engine.

Congrats, Jim!

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