Integrating Change Management and Project Management

Project management and change management both aim to increase the likelihood that projects deliver the intended results. Although each discipline can function independently, they are more effective when integrated into a unified approach


CLARC: The Role of People Managers in Change Management

People managers are closest to the employees who must adopt the new processes and behaviors associated with a change. And, in many cases, the same project also impacts their own work. Here's how to prepare people managers to support their teams through change.


Sponsor Checklist for Change Management

Use this 10-point checklist to make sure you are effectively engaging executive sponsors when applying change management on a project.


Primary Sponsor's Role and Importance

Active and visible executive sponsorship is a top contributing factor to successful changes. Senior leaders provide the authority and credibility necessary for successful change, and people turn to them to learn why change is necessary.


Leading Change With You in Mind: Insights From Prosci's Executive Team

At Prosci, it's safe to say we're big on the ADKAR Model as an effective framework for individual and organizational change. This means we believe in active and visible sponsorship to build Awareness of the need for change, engaging our people managers to foster Desire for change with impacted employees, and leveraging a common language for change centered on ADKAR.


Core Roles in Change Management

From the highest levels of leadership to frontline supervisors, managing change well relies on a coordination of people all moving in unison and fulfilling unique roles. We've identified five key roles and how they can impact change management.


How Internal Consultants Support Change Management

Internal consultants play a unique role in driving successful change in organizations. Not only do they support the specific solution development and expertise, but they are often a key player during implementation.