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Tim Creasey

Enterprise Change Capability
Feb. 12 @ 11 am and Feb. 13 @ 4 pm, EST (UTC -5)
After working with hundreds of clients, Prosci has identified common challenges and themes organizations face when they start to build change capability—and these challenges tend to emerge regardless of size, industry or internal resources. During this webinar, Tim Creasey will share case studies from 10 different organizations and discuss how they’re weaving change management into the fabric of their businesses. Although each organization applied change management to fit their unique situation, six common themes emerged.

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Tim Creasey

Industry Insights
Feb. 26 @ 11 am and Feb. 27 @ 4 pm, EST (UTC -5)
A change-enabling system is a platform of disciplines that coordinates with change management to help organizations execute their unique changes successfully. Given the many options available, today’s business leaders need a “multilingual” understanding of disciplines, so they can build collaborative platforms that truly activate their unique change-enabling systems. Join Tim Creasey as he presents his cutting-edge research on change-enabling systems and multilingual change leadership.

Measuring Change and Driving Results with the Prosci Change Scorecard

Learn how to use the Prosci Change Scorecard to measure success at the organizational performance (results and outcomes), individual performance (adoption and usage), and change management performance levels over the lifecycle of your project.


Stop Talking About What You Do and Start Talking About What You Deliver

Earn a permanent seat at the table by showing the value of change management within the context of project success.

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