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Build Confidence as a Change Practitioner with Virtual Coaching

Once you've attended a Prosci Change Management Certification, you're equipped with the tools, techniques and research to make change happen in your organization. But sometimes we run into situations where we need a coach to help us overcome obstacles or stay on track. That's where Virtual Coaching For Change Practitioners comes in.


Activating Organizational Change Roles

Change practitioners work with and through others. To be successful, they need to have the knowledge, skills and influence to help others fulfill their change roles. In this webinar, we will review key organizational change roles and specific competencies they should possess in order to achieve and sustain the desired outcomes of change. Come with a specific change in mind to begin building a change allies roster and role plan leveraging ADKAR as the individual model for change.


It Starts with a Change Practitioner

Change practitioners have the knowledge and skills to help people embrace change by supporting them through the change process. For many change practitioners, this is a full-time role. For others, change management capabilities are applied in the context of related disciplines. In this webinar, we will explore the change practitioner role, variations in how it comes to life within organizations, and practical paths to grow and succeed in this role.


Defining Change Impact to Support our People Through Change

We typically think about change at the enterprise level – a new ERP, an M&A, a new productivity suite – but change ultimately happens at the individual level – how it impacts Andy, Becky, Charlie, and Debbie. Supporting people through their own change journey and measuring individual outcomes requires defining change impact for each person. In this new webinar, learn how Prosci’s 10 Aspects of Change Impact framework gives change practitioners a powerful tool to define both what is; and what is not changing. This simple and effective approach for defining individual change impact can be used to drive improved results and outcomes.

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Roles in Change Management

Implementing effective change requires involvement from many people in the organization. Each role’s relationship with change is different, and each has different responsibilities in implementing change management.

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