Intended for: Advanced change management professionals

Length: 12-18 months

This is a self-paced program that requires both online and in-person training. All modules and requirements should be completed within 18 months.

Pre-Req: Certification & more (see tab below)

Price: $2,000 - $3,000 to get started ($10,000 - $15,000 over the entire length)

Price does not include venue packages for in-person training. Please contact us for information on venue costs.

Program dates: self-paced program

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Advanced Certifications

Advanced Change


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Enhance your ability to apply change management to complex projects and increase project success.

Advanced Deployment


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Lead a strategic deployment of change management capability in your organization.


Enterprise Change Management Boot Camp

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Facilitate Prosci's role-based trainings and certifications to build change management competencies throughout your organization.


Prosci offers three Advanced Certifications in change management, consisting of a series of in-person and online education components. These advanced certifications equip you with advanced skills pertaining to a specialization of choice in change management.

Each Advanced Certification entails:

  • Completing a series of self-paced, required modules which review the application of Prosci methodologies
  • Completing and/or attending required and elective trainings designed to amplify your change management focus.
  • Completing a set of professional development objectives to demonstrate engagement more broadly across the discipline of change management.
  • Presenting a final capstone project that demonstrates that the work completed in the Advanced Certifications has increased your ability to achieve results in the chosen change management specialization.

Each Certification is self-guided and takes approximately 12-18 months to complete. Throughout your journey you will have ongoing support from a personal, dedicated Prosci advisor who will coach you, review your work and provide robust feedback on each assignment.

Capstone Project

Each Advanced Certification culminates in a capstone project through which you will demonstrate your advanced skill level and is presented to and reviewed by a panel. Once you have successfully completed this project, you will receive your Advanced Certification designation.

Consider an Advanced Certification if you:

  • Want to advance your career in change management through application, training, or strategic deployment
  • Are already Prosci-certified and want to take the next step in your change management education and ability
  • Have been tasked with building a change management capability in your organization, applying change management on a complex project, or strategically training others in change management

In order to embark upon an Advanced Certification Track, you will need:

The application process includes:

Please email your documents to:

If you have any questions, we're here to help! Call +1 970 203 9332 and ask to speak with an Advanced Certifications Advisor. 

Q. Do I need to complete the Advanced Certification Tracks within a certain time period?

Yes. From the enrollment date, you will receive 18 months of access to your learning modules and support. If for some reason you are unable to achieve your capstone and complete the course within this timeframe, we can assess your particular situation and determine the best way to move forward.

Q. How do I access my course modules?

All tracks are accessible through the Prosci Portal. The tools associated with each module will be activated upon enrollment.

Q. Will I have access to support throughout the duration of the track?

Yes, each Advanced Certification Track has a dedicated support team ready to assist you as you progress. You will have unlimited access to your Prosci advisor.

Q. If I leave my organization during the track can I continue at another organization?

If you switch organizations during the course please call us, we will discuss the options and the best way for you to continue your certification.

Q. How will I track my progress through the Advanced Certification Tracks?

You will work closely with a support advisor at Prosci. On completion of each module you will submit work for evaluation and receive direct feedback from your advisor.

Q. What are the requirements for recertification?

Prosci Certified Advanced Practitioners must demonstrate that they have continued engagement in the discipline of change management every two years. This can consist of continued application of change management, coaching other change management professionals, and a series of other activities.