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Client Spotlight: How EisnerAmper Executed a Complex ERP Rollout and Built Lasting Change Capability

Hear how the change leaders from EisnerAmper executed an end-to-end change strategy for a massive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation, rolling out of four new systems and sunsetting several legacy platforms for 3,300+ employees. During this panel discussion, the team shares key insights from their change journey, from securing early stakeholder alignment to reinforcing changes post-launch and lessons learned.
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How to Implement a Change Management Office

Implementing a Change Management Office (CMO) is a transformative step toward higher change success in your organization. While each journey is unique, common factors can increase your chances of success. Watch this webinar to discover how to effectively implement your CMO design and navigate common challenges. Learn practical strategies and insights to ensure your CMO drives consistency, standardization, and greater readiness across your organization.


Navigating AI Adoption With ADKAR

As generative AI reshapes industries, change practitioners and leaders need to invest in a people-centric approach to AI adoption. Join Tim Creasey, Prosci’s Chief Innovation officer, as he shares strategies for leveraging proven change management practices and the ADKAR Model to drive successful AI implementations. Attendees will gain valuable insights on navigating the disruptive nature of AI while enabling front-line employees to confidently and competently use generative AI to improve their productivity and impact, ultimately transforming the way people work.

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