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Bryan Carey

Change Management Foundations
Wednesday, Feb. 21 at 11 a.m. US EST (UTC-5)
Change is accelerating across industries, yet research shows too many projects fail to achieve desired outcomes due to poor change management. Attend this introductory session to clearly understand what change management is, why it has become so vital, and how it sets organizations up for transformation success. We will debunk common misperceptions, discuss business impacts, and introduce an easy-to-understand framework. Come away with clarity to start applying change management for positive project and organizational results.


Tim Creasey Scott Anderson

Change Management Trends
Wednesday, Jan. 24 at 11 a.m. US EST (UTC-5)
What does AI mean to change management, and to you? Join us as we share industry-leading research findings about AI's applications and implications in change management. In this webinar, we'll present the latest data on the current scope of use of AI, reasons for not using AI in change management work, current uses of AI in change management, the impact of AI on change management work, and the potential opportunities and concerns/challenges change professionals see with AI over the next two years.

Level: Beginner
This webinar is for: Change practitioners using AI to support their day-to-day work

Early Insights, Applications, and Implications of AI in Change Management

How will AI impact your work as a change manager in 2024? Unpack the latest research findings about AI's applications and implications in change management. Hear how change practitioners are already using AI, reasons for not using AI in some change management work, and the exciting opportunities and concerns change professionals foresee with AI in the next two years.


Client Spotlight: How EisnerAmper Executed a Complex ERP Rollout and Built Lasting Change Capability

Hear how the change leaders from EisnerAmper executed an end-to-end change strategy for a massive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation, rolling out of four new systems and sunsetting several legacy platforms for 3,300+ employees. During this panel discussion, the team shares key insights from their change journey, from securing early stakeholder alignment to reinforcing changes post-launch and lessons learned.

Preparing for the Future of Change Management with the Latest Trends

For 25 years, Prosci has conducted benchmarking research on change management. Since the 2013 edition, study participants have identified significant trends expected to shape the discipline of change management in the next five years. Our Innovation Webinar Series offers an opportunity to reflect on previously predicted trends and to gain insights that ensure you are well-positioned to succeed as a change practitioner in the future.


Understanding Resistance Through Prosci’s ADKAR Model

Learn how to create readiness for change and avoid resistance by applying the ADKAR Model and proven practices to guide change activities. During this engaging live webinar, Lisa Kempton, Prosci’s Director of Global Learning Product Development, will help you uncover a fresh perspective on resistance with latest ADKAR Model Body of Knowledge. Discover how to build readiness, anticipate and overcome change barriers, and effectively resolve resistance. Gain valuable insights on understanding and addressing change resistance with the right mindset. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your change management skills.

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Navigating the Changes Ahead with Data-Driven Change Insights

Equip your sponsors and teams with invaluable insights about upcoming changes. In Prosci's 12th benchmarking study, participants identified the key changes that their organizations are likely to encounter in the coming years. We further analyzed the study data, taking into account organization size, region, and industry, to identify emerging trends. In this webinar, Tim Creasey, Chief Innovation Officer at Prosci, explores the data, answer thought-provoking prompts, and gain new perspectives on aligning your experiences with the benchmarking findings. Let Tim guide you through the landscape of anticipated changes, providing invaluable insights to enhance your change roadmap.

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