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Women in Change: Empowerment Through Connection (Session A)

Calling all women in change management! Join our inaugural Women in Change events, featuring leading female voices who are driving transformational change. In just 90 minutes, you will gain insights and tips for overcoming today's challenges and network with like-minded women to build connections for future opportunities. Choose from two live sessions with different panelists. Register now for an empowering experience you won't want to miss.
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Navigating AI Adoption With ADKAR

As generative AI reshapes industries, change practitioners and leaders need to invest in a people-centric approach to AI adoption. Join Tim Creasey, Prosci’s Chief Innovation officer, as he shares strategies for leveraging proven change management practices and the ADKAR Model to drive successful AI implementations. Attendees will gain valuable insights on navigating the disruptive nature of AI while enabling front-line employees to confidently and competently use generative AI to improve their productivity and impact, ultimately transforming the way people work.

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Navigating Change During a Digital Transformation

Digital transformation in higher education goes beyond technology, requiring a holistic approach that encompasses people and processes. In our EDUCAUSE webinar, Prosci's change management experts will explore how to boost your project's success by applying change management. They’ll discuss aligning leadership, streamlining processes, overcoming resistance, and sustaining outcomes. Key leadership challenges and strategies to engage staff and faculty with new digital practices will also be covered.