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Delivering Project Results:
A Change Management Workshop for Project Managers

A new half-day workshop where project leaders learn to connect employee adoption and usage to project results. Learn more

Change Management
ROI Calculator

By putting concrete numbers to project benefits, you can demonstrate that change management is an essential tool for driving results and outcomes.

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Prosci News

Prosci Introduces New Training Workshop for Project Managers

Yesterday Prosci launched a new role-based training program, Delivering Project Results: Change Management Workshop for Project Managers. This four-hour course bridges the gap between change management and project management, putting the work and process of change management into a language … Read more

Prosci Keynotes Gartner Summit in Las Vegas and HR Leadership Talk in Malaysia

Keynote at Gartner BPM Summit in Las Vegas Prosci keynoted the Gartner BPM Summit opposite motivational speaker Guy Kawasaki on December 12, 2014. Prosci Chief Development Officer Tim Creasey spoke as the closing keynote to an audience of 500 business leaders … Read more

Thank You for Celebrating Prosci’s 20th Anniversary with Us!

Thank you to everyone who made Prosci’s 20th anniversary celebration so wonderful. During out 20-day celebration, we gave away over $6,000 in resources, received almost 1,500 contest submissions, heard from 277 people, and received over 40 images from contest participants. … Read more

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