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Prosci® ADKAR® Model

ADKAR® provides an easy-to-use, action-oriented framework for simplifying the complicated process of change at an individual level.

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Prosci News

Chicago Tribune: Prosci Account Manager Chosen for Panel on Sponsoring Change

Prosci is again making a splash in the media as a leader in change management thought and advocacy. The June 25th edition of the Chicago Tribune featured Jeremy Carson, one of Prosci’s account managers, alongside five other business experts and … Read more

July Product Theater and Track Session at East and West Coast Conferences

Prosci is proud to announce our coast-to-coast presence at two nationally-recognized conferences during the last weekend of July: the PMI Research and Education Conference in Portland, Oregon, and the NGO Annual Conference in Washington D.C. Product Theater on the Benefit … Read more

Being an Effective Change Sponsor

Join our President, Allison Seabeck, in Chicago this Wednesday, June 18 at Kraft Foods Northfield Corporate Headquarters for an evening focused on effective change sponsorship, co-hosted by ACMP Chicagoland chapter and Kraft Foods. Allison will share insights from the Prosci … Read more

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