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    The individual change journey powered by ADKAR, Prosci’s world renowned change model.

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    Learn more about Prosci's research, training and change management resource online at the Prosci® Change Management Learning Center.

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Introducing the Prosci Portal, your virtual workspace with leading-edge tools, resources, and apps for the change management practioner. More on the Portal

Prosci® ADKAR® Model

ADKAR® provides an easy-to-use, action-oriented framework for simplifying the complicated process of change at an individual level.

More on ADKAR®

Prosci News

Now in the Prosci Portal: Resource Bundles

The Prosci Portal has two new offerings: The ROI of Change Management Bundle, and the Building the Business Case for CM Bundle. By grouping similar products together, such as a tool and an accompanying webinar replay, you get the tools … Read more

Prosci’s Tim Creasey to Lead Breakout Session at ACMP Pacific Northwest’s Change Connect Symposium

How do you engage leaders and project teams to create a common view of how to measure change and change management? Prosci is delighted to be unveiling a brand-new, research-based approach to measurement at the ACMP Pacific Northwest’s 2014 Change … Read more

Prosci Offers Public Sessions and Onsite Training Through Three New European Affiliates

Over the past five years, we’ve seen more change management success stories, more Best Practices study participants, and more change management clients coming out of Europe. The awareness of the need for change management continues to grow in European countries—as … Read more

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