What is Change Management?

Realizing the benefits of your strategy depends on people changing how they do their work. Change management is a structured approach to drive these individual transitions.

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Prosci Solutions

Prosci’s research-based change management solutions build individual competencies and organizational capabilities. Leverage two decades of research to manage change and maximize your organization’s performance.

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Training and Certification

Become a certified change management practitioner, trainer, or expert. Experience our role-based training options for executives, project leaders, and individual contributors.

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Assessing and Building Your Organizational Change Capability

Learn the business case and definition for organizational capability and get tools and tactics for assessing and building change capability in your organization.

Five Tenets of Change Management

Learn the Five Tenets of Change Management in this one-hour recorded webinar.

How to Apply the Prosci ADKAR Model

Discover the five fundamental steps of individual change and how you can apply this model to any type of change.

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Prosci Portal

Transform the way you manage change with the online Prosci Portal. Learn about foundational and advanced topics with free tutorials and webinars. Apply and measure change more effectively with cloud-based tools. Access all of your change resources in one virtual Portal.

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Our partners offer our renowned change management training and solutions in every region of the world.

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