Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Putting people first is foundational to who we are and what we believe at Prosci. As the global leader in helping organizations support individuals moving through changes, we are deeply committed to ensuring that at Prosci, each individual can be their authentic self, uniquely grow and excel—and importantly experience a true sense of belonging.

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) at Prosci requires ownership at all levels of the organization and by every individual. And when we as an organization create and collaborate within a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment, our team will in turn create unforgettable client experiences diverse in thought, rich in outcomes, and welcoming to all.

Propelled by over 20 years of change management research and the cultivation of best practices, Prosci seeks diverse and global perspectives in all that we do. We are dedicated to continually offering accessible and inclusive products, experiences, communications and interactions. As we progress and flourish as a diverse, equitable and inclusive organization, our hope is to inspire and support the change journeys of others building and embedding DEI capabilities within their organizations.

Building a Diverse Workforce

At Prosci, we believe that a diverse, inclusive environment is crucial to us thriving as individuals and learning and growing as an organization. Hear from some of our employees about DEI.

Success begins with inclusion and collaboration, as no disability can limit the ability to be creative, productive or innovative. Proud to champion ADAPT (Abled and Disabled Allies Partnering Together) through DEI at Prosci.
Joanne Rinaldi
Joanne Rinaldi
Senior Principal, Product Development (Australia)
My goal is to change the conversation and network connections across boundaries at Prosci. In a nutshell, it's about empowering people by respecting and appreciating what makes them different, in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, education and national origin.
Kecia Bell
Kecia Bell
Account Success Coordinator (United States)
As a genderqueer trans woman who has had some really (really) bad experiences in some of my previous employment, I’m excited about Prosci making DEI such a priority! In my experience, Prosci is already pretty stellar in terms of respect and integrity, and I’m thankful for having the opportunity to be part of helping to take it even further.
D Morton
D Morton
Training Manager/Producer (Canada)
A truly diverse, equitable and inclusive culture provides a safe space for individuals to understand their own conscious and unconscious biases, and supports the vulnerable and brave conversations that come from that understanding.
Delanie Robertson
Delanie Robertson
Growth Enablement Manager (United States)
DEI is a commitment to actively creating and fostering spaces and opportunities for each person to thrive in their own unique way. It is the journey from tolerating to accepting to celebrating differences.
Kenny Hilaire
Kenny Hilaire
Director, Operations and Organizational Effectiveness (Canada)
Making a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion at Prosci to me symbolizes a beautiful chance. Just as we focus on the people-side of change, it is our duty to continuously reach for and be a workplace that celebrates and empathizes with an individual’s uniqueness.
Shelby Perez
Shelby Perez
Lead Creative Team and Creative Marketing Specialist (United States)
Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement. Our foundation here at Prosci is now being used as the foundation of this vital part of the organization, and I am proud to be a part of it and a part of Prosci!
Leevi Sparks
Leevi Sparks
Enterprise Training Coordinator (United States)
As a person of the LGBTQ+ community, I’d be lying if I said I haven’t felt excluded because of who I am. At Prosci, I truly believe I work for a place that continues to commit to differences we share and create an environment where we can be who we are.
Kris Roberts
Kris Roberts
Global Product and Experience Design Sr. Specialist (United States)

Our DEI Journey in Action

Prosci Values: Impact, People, Inclusion, Excellence, Integrity, Experience

While our Prosci Values speak to our commitment to our people, inclusion, integrity and more, deeper examination of our organization revealed an ability gap in demonstrating DEI in action to our team, customers, and global change community.

In the spirit of creating better change outcomes, we are committed to more transparency regarding our DEI journey, and how DEI is reflected in our culture and incorporated across the organization.

We look forward to sharing our progress along the way and learning with you as you grow your own DEI program.

Prosci DEI Council

Our DEI Council sponsors and leads our DEI strategy, actively engaging with our team, customers, and society at large to continually grow and activate our DEI capabilities. We regularly revisit our strategy, identify opportunities to close related gaps within our organization, and strive to be a better role model for change and accountability in the communities we serve.


Our DEI commitment includes ensuring equitable access for everyone to Prosci’s products, services and online tools. It is our intent to design and develop our solutions with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation act of 1973 in mind. By doing so, we provide equal opportunities for people with disabilities in accordance with our technical capabilities and design standards. This includes compliance with WCAG 2.1/AA for our digital products and content.

Prosci employee resource groups

In 2021, we evolved and chartered employee resource groups to provide better support, visibility, connection, opportunities for advocacy, and professional development for our employees.

DEI measurement and metrics

Demonstrating the impact of our DEI efforts on internal and external communities is imperative to program success. We’ve implemented mechanisms such as the Mathison Equal Hiring Index® to assess equity and access in our hiring practices. We’re also monitoring and measuring inclusion through Prosciety Pulse, our employee engagement survey. But this is just the start. We will continue to expand and improve our systems for measuring progress, and in the interest of transparency, we will make results available through avenues like company meetings and an annual DEI review.

Prosci Need-Based Scholarships

noprofit employees-joining-hands-in-unity

We understand that positive change cannot happen without nonprofits and other change makers who may lack the financial resources to equip their organizations for success. To help address this, we offer two need-based scholarships.

The Change for the Good scholarship is tailored for nonprofits that support historically marginalized communities, regardless of service type. The program enables attendees to expand the organization’s reach, empower teams, and amplify impacts.

The JJ Johnson Scholarship extends a welcoming hand to those with a passion for driving change. This scholarship aims to make essential change management skills and tools accessible to individuals who plan to contribute to positive societal or organizational transformation.

Change for the Good Scholarship

Are you employed by a nonprofit or other social organization that works to effect positive change for traditionally marginalized communities? We encourage you to apply for this partial or full scholarship to attend one of several selected programs.

For Non-Profits and Social Enterprises

Learn More

JJ Johnson Scholarship

This memorial scholarship honors a Prosci Executive Instructor who embodied Prosci’s values. Apply for this highly selective, need-based, partial scholarship to attend the three-day Prosci Change Management Certification. (Currently available only in the US.)

For Individuals

Learn More


Benefits of Working at Prosci

To support the diverse teams in the regions where we operate, Prosci offers options for flexible working, as well as comprehensive programs, benefits and tools that foster an environment of equity and inclusion.