Formerly an engineer and program manager for Bell Labs, Jeff Hiatt – founder of Prosci – noticed something: two similar projects could both have excellent technical solutions and project management, yet one would successfully meet its objectives while the other would fail. Curious, Jeff started digging deeper and found the key to this success: the people side.

Since 1994 we’ve continued to ask questions about how to effectively help people embrace and adopt change. Our best practices research is the largest body of knowledge on the subject, and we use that research to power models and solutions for our clients. Today we’re proud to partner with the largest corporations, governments and not-for-profit organizations in the world to help them change more successfully.

What's in a Name?

Pronounced pro-sigh, Prosci is derived from the first syllable in the words Professional and Science. We believe scientific principles and research can be applied to organizational settings in order to achieve greater outcomes. This belief has led us to creating the largest body of knowledge on change management, constantly asking new questions about how to better manage the people side of change in a structured and repeatable way.


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Our Team

We are committed to helping people and organizations change more effectively. We think big and work hard. We strive for excellence in everyday interactions. We constantly push to be better than we’ve ever been. We shoot each other with Nerf guns.


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Prosci is dedicated to creating a culture where employees feel valued and want to come to work, and we are always looking for innovative, hard-working people to join our team.


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Speaking Engagements

Looking for a high-impact speaker who will engage your audience and give them insight from the world leader in change management? Our experienced speakers tailor Prosci’s research and leading-edge models to your group’s needs so they can lead change more effectively to achieve results.


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Why Choose Prosci?

In times of increasingly complex change, you need a change management solution that will deliver results. Using twenty years of experience and research from thousands of change leaders, Prosci’s approach makes change management actionable and applicable. Whether you want to build your own skills or are looking for a partner to help you build an enterprise capability in change management, Prosci’s broad suite of offerings gives you the flexibility to tailor a change management solution that will meet your needs.

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