Advance your change management practice
Gain advanced skills for applying Prosci models and assessments on your projects. Leverage Prosci resources and guidance to support your analysis, strategy and action.
Engage Stakeholders During the Project
Gain commitment and alignment on your model and assessment activities. Use collaborative insights to take the action needed to deliver your desired project results.
Improve Project Outcomes
Know when and how to use these important Prosci tools for the greatest benefit. Access Prosci's Body of Knowledge to support your activities and drive change success.

Prosci's Model Mastery Programs

Ready to advance your practice and improve your project results? In this one-day Model Mastery program, learn how to use critical thinking, peer insights, Prosci's Body of Knowledge, and practical tools to analyze your project data and deliver better project outcomes for your organization.
In this one-day ADKAR Model Mastery Level 1 program, you'll build on your ADKAR Blueprint knowledge and skills gained in the Certification or Practitioner Program. Learn how to prevent resistance and build readiness for change to deliver better project outcomes. Register for both Level 1 and Level 2 together to unlock a 15% discount.
In this one-day ADKAR Model Mastery Level 2 program, build on your ADKAR Assessment skills gained in the Certification or Practitioner Program. And learn how to effectively resolve the root causes of persistent resistance to elevate your change success. Register for both Level 1 and Level 2 together to unlock a 15% discount.
Practitioners Program or Certification Required
Ready to advance your change management skills and learn the power of the Prosci Change Performance Framework? In this one-day program, learn how to assess the requirements for applying the framework on your project, and how to monitor and measure change performance to strengthen results and reveal your project ROI.

What Our Clients Are Saying

The PCT Model is one of the key tools in my change toolkit since becoming a Prosci certified change practitioner 6 months ago. But this session has enhanced my knowledge even more and has given me greater confidence to use it.
Tim Price-Walker
Organisational Change Manager
Hawke's Bay Regional Council
Although Prosci always provides terrific courses, this course exceeded my expectations. All change and project managers should take Improve Project Health.
Rachel Brodeur
Business Transformation Manager
Federal Government
It was great to experience how Change Practitioners from different backgrounds and different experience levels use the PCT Model.
Willie Jooste