Effective organizational change requires the right expertise, tools and resources

We’ve collected two decades worth of best-practice research and methodologies to bring you a robust suite of change management support tools. These resources are a must-have whenever you need to implement successful individual or organizational change.

With lessons gathered from thousands of experienced change practitioners worldwide, these tools are your secret weapon for solving critical challenges and positioning your organization for success.

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Achieve change success and deliver value to the organization by following a structured, adaptable and repeatable approach. This Prosci Hub Solution Suite web application guides you through the Prosci Methodology throughout a project or initiative.
Access thousands of lessons learned by other change leaders. With 20+ years of best-practice research at your fingertips, you can elevate your approach to managing change, overcome adoption barriers, and position change projects for success.
Because they’re based in the cloud, our tools let you conduct assessments, access case-by-case best practices, measure the progress of change initiatives, and more—from any location.
Leverage ongoing professional development support from Prosci to grow your change management discipline. And enjoy the same amazing experiences you know and love in Prosci webinars, delivered by Prosci thought leaders and expert facilitators.
Deepen your knowledge of change management or introduce the concept to a supervisor or colleague. We have books for every organizational level, from frontline employees to the executive team, each designed to foster more effective and lasting change.