Engaging Your Distributed Remote Workforce
Wherever your employees, sponsors, project managers and others are located these days, you need to engage the right people to deliver on your important change initiatives. Key roles can play their part by gaining timely skills through online change management training, while your organization grows capability through Enterprise Training, Consulting, Licensing and eLearning.
Leveraging Change Expertise...Virtually
Whether you're facing challenges like maintaining business continuity, shifting your operating model, or engaging a remote workforce, change management will play a critical role. Our expert Change Advisors can partner with you via phone or online to assess your current challenges and develop a plan for making the changes needed to move your organization forward in these extraordinary times.
Using proven tools & methodologies
Prosci Enterprise Training, Consulting, Licensing and eLearning are based on 20+ years of best-practices research and our proven methodology. You'll achieve the same learning objectives as our traditional training, and can remotely access the world-class tools and resources needed to effect change and build capability in your dynamic business environment.
Sue Tolson
ePMO BayCare
The virtual certification program was great timing since I’m in the midst of an important change project. Throughout the program I was able to develop a plan for how to apply change management to my project. Even though it was a virtual environment, I definitely achieved my learning objectives.

Enterprise Change Management Solutions

Integrated Solutions
Enterprise Training
Prosci's engaging, interactive, online training and workshops are designed for the roles critical to implementing change in a complex, accelerated environment. Whether you're remotely certifying practitioners or training your managers and sponsors, you'll strengthen your change capability and move your change strategy forward.
As new must-win initiatives arise, Prosci can partner with you remotely to discuss how your current change strategies align with your shifting business priorities. Our expert Change Advisors will help you develop an execution plan for achieving project ROI and evolving your organization's change readiness.
Developing a change-ready culture and advancing your change capability are vital to your employees embracing the new normal. Prosci Licenses allow you to remotely access and tailor our research-based tools, methodologies and training materials to help you reach your new and existing organizational goals.

Additional Solutions

These online, interactive, 45-minute modules are available anywhere, anytime to your remote workforce. You can globally disseminate Prosci change management to those who lead or are impacted by change—accelerating your change capability and enabling better project outcomes.
To support you in these unprecedented times, we have gathered various crisis-related change resources—including assessments, blogs, webinars and more—to help you plan and execute on your urgent, business-critical changes. Prosci also offers a wealth of free content on our Resources page.

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