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Explore the Levels of Change Management

Your Change Management Career: 3 Emerging Paths

Written by Michelle Haggerty

2 Mins


The discipline of change management is rapidly growing and with it, the change management job market. Prosci alone has certified over 65,000 change management professionals around the world. With that number increasing by the day and with change management certification as the baseline requirement for most change management job positions, what else is out there to differentiate your skillset?

In our 20 years of work with nearly 80% of Fortune 500 companies, we have identified three emerging career paths for change management professionals. All three are rooted in an organizational need to meet project objectives. All three require additional education, experience and application. Giving yourself the opportunity to advance your knowledge, skillset and experience could be your competitive differentiator. Consider Prosci Advanced Certification Tracks to take you through this process; we can support you on your journey.

Application of Advanced Change Management on Complex Projects

Projects with excellent change management are six times more likely to meet or exceed objectives. However, excellent change management doesn’t just happen. It requires a high level of skill and experience to know when and how to apply it and which of the available tools and models to use. impact of change management on objectives

Research participants observed the following trends across their organization:

  • Larger numbers of employees engaged in change management
  • Changes in performance appraisals to reflect change management best practices
  • Use of change management on informal changes
  • Change management as a requirement instead of an option

In the coming years, we can expect change management to become more complex, move faster and have cross-functional impact. With growing demand for experienced change leaders who bring a variety of skills to the table, organizations are investing more in change management and creating advanced change management career paths to manage the increasing complexity. You can set yourself apart with our Advanced Change Practitioner certification.


Instruction and Facilitation of Advanced Change Management

For an organization to realize project results, individuals must have the awareness of the need for change, the desire to change, the knowledge of how to change, and the ability to change. At ability, individuals begin to demonstrate the necessary behaviors and skillsets required to meet project objectives. A key component of leading employees to ability is through knowledge transfer via training.


The Best Practices in Change Management report showed an increase in change management education and training, a trend that is expected to continue upward in the coming years. We identified the following trainings as particularly sought-after:

  • Designated training sessions for change leaders
  • Formal change management training events
  • Training for broader audiences
  • Integration of change management training into existing learning and development programs

Organizations need change management professionals with the skills and qualifications to provide these and other formal change management trainings. With our Advanced Instructor Certification, you will be equipped and qualified to facilitate Prosci role-based trainings that will build individual change management competencies throughout your organization.   


Capability Deployment With Advanced Change Management

Leading organizations are beginning to institutionalize and embed change management on an enterprise-wide scale. Building organizational change management capability improves an organization’s ability to execute strategy, keeping them agile and fresh, and giving them the competitive edge over others in their market. But this commitment requires investment. 

In addition to structure and intent, building a change capability requires the guidance of an advanced, experienced and skilled change professional who is able to position, plan for and successfully drive enterprise change management efforts.Prosci-Best_Practices-in-Change-Management-Figure-3.9

Guiding an organization as it builds change management agility has become a specialization in the field of change management. We offer you the process, skills and coaching to successfully maneuver and lead your organization into change management maturity. You can set your organization apart from others and set yourself apart as a Certified Advanced Deployment Leader.  


Each of these three specializations within the change management discipline requires advanced knowledge and experience, and Prosci has launched the Advanced Certification Tracks to help you succeed as you pursue them. Through the Prosci Advanced Certification Tracks, you’ll build the skillset, experience and knowledge to become a Certified Advanced Change Practitioner, Certified Advanced Deployment Leader or Certified Advanced Instructor. 

Learn more about the Prosci Advanced Certification Tracks and which of these specialized trainings is right for you. 

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