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Where can your expertise in managing change make the biggest impact?

The demand for experienced change management practitioners has grown and the field has become more competitive and specialized.

Distinguish yourself in this crowded market by completing an advanced certification designed to match your chosen area of change expertise.

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Do More With Your Certification
Using your practitioner certification as the foundation, deepen your expertise in your niche area of change management.
Prepare Others for Change
Embed change-readiness in your organization by developing and advocating for proven, effective processes and policies.
Add an Expert to Your Team
For the duration of the certification, you have unlimited access to your Program Advisor, adding an expert to your change team.

Prosci’s Advanced Certifications

Become the go-to expert for all change initiatives within your organization. Stay on the cutting edge of change management best practices with access to the very best tools and methods available within the discipline today.
Ensure that your company is change-ready by becoming an architect of organizational change. You determine how to embed and institutionalize change within your company’s structure and culture, with the language and knowledge necessary to advocate for your plan.
Deliver world-class, role-based change management training within your organization. From frontline employees up to senior management and the C-suite, you have the knowledge and experience required to teach for every role and competency level.
Mike Shortino
The structure and advisor system of the Prosci Advanced Certifications really sets it apart. Learning modules, practical application and immediate feedback work together so that I am constantly increasing my skills and adding value to my organization.

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Each track is designed to accommodate your individual and organizational needs. During this call we will ensure that the objectives and outcomes of your chosen track align with your goals.