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Organizations driving end-to-end change capability


12-month subscription or as part of a Prosci License

The tools you need to support change management work at every phase of the process.

The All Access Portal for Organizations provides unlimited access to apply the most advanced change management tools and resources in the discipline.

Whether making the case for change management, applying change management on a project, or measuring change management effectiveness, the Prosci Portal allows your organization to leverage tools to deliver results. 

Who's this for?

Unlimited access to all of the tools and resources in the Prosci Portal is ideal for those in your organization responsible for leading change. This suite of advanced tools is great for change practitioners, deployment leaders, project managers, subject-matter experts, and anyone who needs to apply change management to projects and deliver business results. You can also access new tools and content added to the Portal during your subscription.

Also for individuals

The All Access Portal Subscription is also available for individuals. For more information and to purchase, please visit the Prosci Store.


  • Gain commitment and buy-in for change management
  • Position change management as a critical part of project success
  • Shape your approach with 20 years of best practice research
  • Track and achieve employee adoption and usage with every initiative
  • Audit your change management work against industry best practices
  • Baseline change agility and track gains in change capability


ADKAR Dashboard

  • Easily track and achieve employee adoption and usage with real quantifiable ADKAR Model data on how impacted groups are progressing through changes.

CMROI Calculator

  • Refocus your conversations about change management by demonstrating the tangible return change management brings to your projects.

Change Management Resource Library

  • Align your change management efforts with industry best practice research to support development and execution of your change management strategies.

Best Practices Audit

  • Position your project for success by assessing your alignment with best practices, determining risks, and creating targeted next steps.

ECM Roadmap

  • Step-by-step guidance to design and execute an enterprise change management plan to build change management maturity in your organization.

Maturity Model Audit

  • Increase your organization’s level of change maturity by assessing your current level of maturity and clarifying what an organizational change management capability really means.

PCT Analyzer

  • Quickly diagnose and track overall project health and position change management as an essential pillar of project success, powered by the Prosci Project Change Triangle (PCT) Model.

Practitioner eToolkit

  • Manage the people side of changes and projects by applying the acclaimed Prosci 3-Phase Process and foundational set of tools to gain employee adoption and reach project success.

Additional Resources

  • ADKAR Audiobook 
    Enhance your knowledge of the Prosci ADKAR Model by listening to the audiobook, easily downloadable to any device that accepts an MP3 file.
  • Business Case for CM Template 
    Save countless hours and land the gig (internally with your team or externally with a client) with the help of a pre-populated structure and expert guidance to write your business case for change management. 
  • Change Scorecard 
    Create a definition of successful change—shared by the project team—to identify, track and achieve projected results and outcomes.
  • Change Management Blueprint
    Introduce change management to senior leaders and project leaders with a simple activity that will help them connect project results to the people side of change and convince them to get on board.

What Our Clients Say

Rita Cepparo - Husky
Rita Cepparo
HR Manager
The All Access Portal subscription is a handy tool that’s easy to navigate and allows us to substantiate our change management approaches through recent research.
Aris Scarla - FAA Flight Standards
Aris Scarla
AFS Leadership Development Team Manager, Change Management Group
US Federal Aviation Administration
Adding new skills and toolsets is important to building our change capability. Leveraging the full advantages of the All Access Portal suite of tools helps us drive better adoption, results and outcomes.

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