Intended for: Advanced change management professionals looking to internally Certify 

Length: 12-18 months

This is a self-paced program that requires both online and in-person training. All modules and requirements should be completed within 18 months.

Pre-Req: Certification & more (see tab below)

Price: $2,000 to get started ($15,525 + auditor travel expenses total)

Program dates: self-paced program

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The Advanced Instructor Certification enables you to build individual competencies in change management through effective facilitation of Prosci's role-based training programs. Upon the successful completion of this advanced certification track, you will be able to bestow Prosci Change Management Certification to participants in practitioner programs within your organization. 

Structure of this Advanced Certification Track

This certification track includes required, elective and experience modules focused on the advanced facilitation of change management training. You will learn about these advanced topics, apply your learning to your work and submit the output of your work for evaluation.

The Advanced Instructor Certification culminates in a capstone audit where a Prosci expert will evaluate your facilitation of the Prosci Change Management Certification Program.

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Advanced Instructor Certification process

Consider the Prosci Advanced Instructor Certification if you:

  • Have experience and passion for facilitation
  • Have experience and passion for change management
  • Have organizational support for change management competency building
  • Enjoy helping others improve their abilities to handle the changes they face in your organization

In order to embark upon this track, you will need:

  • Prosci Change Management Certification
  • Experience applying the Prosci methodology

To apply, you will need to:

  • Submit Advanced Instructor Application with manager or supervisor reference (download application with instructions here)
  • Attach a current version of your resume (CV)
  • Schedule your alignment phone call with Prosci

Please email your documents to:

Q. Do I need to complete the Advanced Instructor Track within a certain time period?

Yes. From the enrollment date, you will receive 18 months of access to your learning modules and support. An extension can be requested if circumstances necessitate more time.

Q. How do I access my course modules?

The Advanced Instructor Certification Track will be accessible through the Prosci Portal. The modules and the associated tools needed to complete each track will be activated upon enrollment.

Q. Will I have access to support throughout the duration of the track?

Yes. The Advanced Instructor Certification Track has a dedicated support team ready to help you as you progress through each module. Additionally, you will also have access to Train-the-Trainer Program Advisors, who will be available to support you and assist in many of the preparations for program deliveries.

Q. If I leave my organization during the track can I continue at another organization?

The Advanced Instructor Certification is an individual designation. For tracking and tool access it is ideal that you complete your requirements within one organization. However, if you do switch organizations, please contact us. We will discuss the options and the best way for you to complete your track and certification.

Q. Upon completion of the Advanced Instructor Track, what will I be able to refer to myself as?

You will be able to market yourself as a Prosci Certified Advanced Instructor.

Q. How will I track my progress through the Advanced Instructor Track?

You will work closely with a support advisor at Prosci. On completion of each module you will submit work for evaluation and receive direct feedback from your advisor.

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