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Licensing Prosci’s change management content allows you to tailor our research-based change management methodology to fit your organization’s exact needs.  Designed to help individuals and organizations accelerate change capability development, Prosci offers a variety of licenses to meet the unique needs of our clients. 



With a Prosci change management license, you benefit from:

  • Customization. Customize Prosci’s methodology and role-based trainings to accommodate your organization’s unique attributes and audiences. Brand the materials to give change management a familiar look that is consistent with your company culture and language.
  • Integration. Integrate the Prosci change management approach into your current organizational culture and operations. Embed the Prosci methodology into existing change processes and initiatives. Integrate Prosci’s role-based trainings into your existing employee and leadership development programs.
  • Scalability. Build change management competencies at any level of your organization. Our flexible licensing solutions allow you to leverage change management materials that align with your unique needs.
  • Standardization. Build consistency and efficiency by establishing a common language for change with a Prosci enterprise-wide license. Enable all business units and staff to speak the same language for change and use the same processes and tools.

Prosci License Options

Prosci offers three licensing options to help organizations achieve their change management goals. Depending on your objectives and budget, we have the following licenses for you to choose from. Each license builds upon the previous, providing support and direction at every stage of your journey to change management maturity.

Prosci Change Management License Options


Contact us to discuss your organization’s current situation and tailor a license solution that will meet your specific needs.