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Senior leaders needing to accelerate change results


Tailored to meet organizational needs

Elevate your change capability and project success

Are you responsible for a must-win project that could benefit from Prosci’s customized change management expertise? Or maybe building change capability is a strategic initiative, and you want to ensure you’re leveraging the best practices and tools that will drive success.

Through Prosci’s Change Management Consulting, our expert consultants partner with your team to apply Prosci’s industry-leading research, processes and tools to improve performance and accelerate your change success.

Prosci offers both in-person and virtual consulting support. Contact us to learn more.

Who's this for?

Prosci Change Management Consulting is designed for senior leaders who need to accelerate the results of their strategic changes while building organizational change capability. During the consulting engagement, we may collaborate with your sponsors, practitioners, project teams, people managers and impacted employees—depending on your goals and needs.

Tailored experiences

With Prosci Advisory Services—which include workshops, coaching and consulting—we’ll customize the approach to align with your unique organizational needs.


Prosci Change Management Consulting provides expert application of change management practices and tools to improve adoption of your changes. Working together with your team, we will:

  • Assess your current state and develop a vision for what success looks like in the future
  • Define adoption metrics and track adoption over the project lifecycle
  • Create a tailored plan for how our experts can work with your team to reach change management goals
  • Execute the plan together and measure the achievement of success
  • Help you after go-live to manage resistance and achieve your desired outcomes
  • Build your individual and organizational change capabilities through role modeling, knowledge transfer, and coaching


Prosci’s Advisory Services provide you with the opportunity to engage Prosci change management experts and gain access to the latest change management research, tools and methods available. Prosci Change Advisors collaborate with your team to apply change management methods to deliver sustainable results.

Tailored Change Management Consulting engagements improve your performance and accelerate project success. Typical ways to leverage Prosci consulting include:

  • Prosci executes change management with you on your projects
  • An expert Prosci Change Advisor assesses and helps you manage a portfolio of change projects
  • Prosci provides expert support for building out your CMO and enterprise-wide change management capability
Scott McAllister
Many of our best relationships and strongest client success stories come from engagements beyond the classroom, where we help clients close the gap between Knowledge and Ability with our Advisory Services support. We’re excited to continue to deepen client relationships and accelerate client success by expanding our Advisory Services practice to include results-focused Consulting Services.

Elevate your organization's change capability

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