Getting Better at Organizational Change

Prosci Advisory Services support individuals, project teams and organizations by helping you build enterprise change capability where you need it the most. Using research-based, industry-leading strategies and tools, we develop and deliver customized services that help you succeed at change.

Prosci Advisory Services Enterprise Change Management helps you build organizational change capability. Prosci advisors partner with you to develop an enterprise change management strategy or change management office recommendation so you can effectively implement changes important to your organization. During the engagement, we’ll work with your change leaders and practitioners to enhance change capabilities across all roles. And we’ll help you build a change-ready culture.


The synergistic partnership with Prosci and their innovative edge supports our journey of change management capability. 

– April Hershman, Oshkosh

Common Types of Engagements

Wherever you are in your change management journey, we'll develop a customized approach to moving your change capability forward. A few examples of the challenges we can help solve:

  • You want the entire organization to be better at change, but you don’t know where to start
  • Your organization is experiencing change saturation, change disruption and change collision, and you must find a way to better support your employees around change
  • You understand that change is a strategic imperative and your research tells you that building change capability is the way to go

Focusing on Your Success

Whatever our particular engagement, our Prosci Advisor will keep both your short-term and long-term goals in mind:

  • Building change capability – We help you build organizational change capability:
    • We develop an enterprise change management strategy aligned with your business objectives
    • We build capability so you can realize better ROI on current and future strategic initiatives and key projects
  • Establishing a change management office – We help you create a customized CMO structure for your organization:
    • We partner with you to define CMO roles and responsibilities and establish how to optimize each role
    • We help you advance change management maturity and credibility
  • Standardizing change management – We help you embed change management into the fabric of your organization:
    • Through standardization, we equip you to deploy change management consistently and effectively across the organization
    • We help you develop a common change language across the organization, fostering engagement and trust, and creating a better pathway for responding to resistance

Could you use a partner to help your organization succeed at change?

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