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Change sponsors and practitioners



The support and accountability you need to drive project success

Change Management Project Support takes your project team through onsite workshops and virtual support including tailored project coaching to ensure you meet your expected outcomes.

One of Prosci’s expert advisors joins your team to help identify change management opportunities in your current projects, coach on the effective application of Prosci methodologies, and build change competency for future initiatives.

Who should attend

Change Management Project Support is built for anyone tackling a must-win project, complex changes, or any high-risk initiatives. This program is designed to align with change sponsors’ and practitioners’ current projects, helping accelerate their results.

Did you know?

Participants in Prosci's 2018 Best Practices in Change Management study report that integrating and engaging with the project team and project leaders was an important contributor to the success of a change management initiative.


  • Define project success
  • Assess project health
  • Establish progress measurement protocol
  • Apply Prosci methods and tools to your existing projects
  • Align your project activities with best practices
  • Evaluate and reinforce sustained project results


Facilitated Kickoff Workshop:

  • Create a shared definition of success
  • Calculate change management ROI
  • Measure baseline project metrics
  • Discuss project and change management integration
  • Outline change strategy and plan

Tailored Project Coaching:

  • Receive in-person and virtual coaching to foster accountability for delivering expected outcomes
  • Equip, enable and support knowledge transfer and ability building
  • Maintain sponsor engagement for success
  • Communicate early successes to foster awareness and desire

Performance Reviews:

  • Bi-weekly reviews throughout the engagement
  • Final onsite session upon project completion
  • Discussion of change management integration on future projects and other change initiatives to drive toward success

Tools Included

  • CMROI Calculator
  • Change Scorecard
  • PCT Analyzer
  • eBest Practices Audit
  • ADKAR Dashboard
Heidi Wandel - Washington University in St. Louis
Heidi Wandel
Sr Business Analyst
Washington University in St. Louis
The most valuable takeaways from the Prosci training are that change management doesn't just happen. It must be planned for and implemented. Change management and project management must be interwoven to be most effective in achieving project results.

Chalk up every project as a win by incorporating change management.

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