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Change Management
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Building a Stronger, Better Organization

Your industry faces unique challenges when it comes to changing. And Prosci understands how to make changes happen in your organization—the changes that make you stronger.

Industry Silo-Financial Services

Financial Services

From maintaining regulatory compliance to delivering an exceptional online experience for your customers, your changes can set you apart in this highly competitive industry.

Industry Silo-Government


Challenges like limited budgets, agency siloes, transparency and accountability make changes especially challenging in government, but they also present significant opportunity.

Industry Silo-Healthcare


Keeping up with data privacy requirements, advancing your healthcare systems, addressing personnel shortages…all require change. And especially, effective change management.

Industry Silo-Higher Education

Higher Education

Your changes are constant, from modernizing technology systems, to navigating program cutbacks, to facing enrollment challenges. Delivering on those changes is a must.

Industry Silo-Insurance


Whether it’s cyber security risks, inefficient legacy systems, shifting consumer expectations, or talent constraints, your organization needs to make complex changes succeed.

Industry Silo-Manufacturing


From skilled labor shortages to supply chain disruptions and stringent OSHA requirements, your unique manufacturing challenges demand that you implement changes to address them.

Industry Silo-IT and Technology

IT and Technology

As a tech company, you must adapt and change to keep up with your rapidly evolving industry and challenges like information security. Managing change effectively is vital.

Prosci understands your industry.
And why change done right matters.

Change is a way of life for every organization. And it’s often treated simply as a project to manage. But doing change right? That’s a different story.

Making important changes happen in your organization—in your industry—takes a proven, standardized approach to change management…applied uniquely to fit the challenges and needs of your sector. Prosci has the industry solutions to help you.

Enterprise Solutions That Transform

We’re here to make you stronger as an organization. With our enterprise solutions, we’ll partner with you to develop your change management strategies and competencies. So you can successfully make the changes that will set you apart in your industry.

CM Organization

Solutions for Organizations

Prosci offers a breadth of solutions to help you manage your high-impact changes...better. Our training, licensing and advisory solutions—all backed by our proven methodology—will position you and your organization for change success.

CM Enterprise

Enterprise Training

Certain roles are critical to making the changes needed to distinguish you in your industry. From change practitioners to executive sponsors and others, we’ll equip these individuals to play their important parts during change.

CM Licensing


With a Prosci License, you can cost-effectively tailor the research-based Prosci Methodology, tools and training materials to align with your culture and industry, and to meet your unique business objectives.

CM Advisory

Advisory Services

Prosci expert advisors partner with you to build the competencies needed to make changes happen in your organization. Whether it's individual skill sets, project-based support, or enterprise change capabilities, we'll equip your teams and organization for today's and tomorrow's changes.