Your Expert AI Change Management Assistant.  

Access insights and solutions for any change management initiative. Kaiya saves you time, scales your impact, and accelerates change.

Now available for Enterprise Business Subscriptions. 




Ask any question. Kaiya has the answer.

We built Kaiya to empower change practitioners and leaders. With its on demand support, all you have to do is ask Kaiya a question and it will help you power through day-to-day change management tasks so you can focus your time where it matters moston the people side of change.


Scale your team, scale your impact.

With Kaiya for Enterprise, work smarter and faster.


With access to Prosci’s entire research library, this is the only AI tool that is an expert in change management. 


Whatever your role or project, Kaiya has the answers. Use it for planning, fact checking, communication development, and more. 


Easy to Adopt 
Our intuitive interface is designed to feel like you’re talking to an expert. Talk to Kaiya like you would an exceptionally smart colleague.  

Kaiya combines cutting edge capabilities with Prosci’s comprehensive knowledge base so practitioners and leaders experience an unparalleled resource for change management guidance.

The right use of AI supports organizational success.

Prosci AI Percentages_Prosci AI-65 Percent

65% of change practitioners agree that they will be more successful in their role using AI than those who don’t.

Prosci AI Percentages_Prosci AI-61 Percent

61% of change practitioners believe that projects using AI will be more successful than those that don’t.  

Prosci AI Percentages_Prosci AI-73 Percent

73% of change practitioners believe that organizations that use AI will be more successful than those that don’t. 

Testimonials from our Beta users.

A glimpse into how others are benefiting from Kaiya.

I can throw my ideas into Kaiya and get great content. I may choose to adjust it, but at least I’m not starting from a blank page. It helps me save a huge amount of time on writing tasks.
It’s a coach that’s always there that I can reach out to anytime. Having Kaiya available to me has improved my confidence and gives me piece of mind when I think I know the answer to something, but just need a quick gut check.
With how quickly we have to work, sometimes coming up with creative solutions on the fly can be a challenge. If I’m ever stumped for ideas, Kaiya helps me brainstorm.
Even with very little training and onboarding, folks are figuring out how to weave it right into their workflow. My team loves how easy to use Kaiya is.
Kaiya is revolutionizing the way I work. The fact that it takes me a fraction of the amount of time to put together a plan, an email, or even the start of a presentation means that I actually have time to think creatively. It's amazing.
Kaiya allows me to quickly find information and provide comprehensive answers using plain language. I'll never have to waste half an hour hunting down the answer to something ever again. Game changer.
Kaiya has turned 2-hour working sessions into 10-minute tasks. The time saving is incredible, and it makes me look like a rockstar.
I have never encountered any other tool that has saved a change manager as much time as this one. Every practitioner should have Kaiya in their tool belt.

Accelerate your work.

Kaiya is your assistant for any change or transformation task, on demand and ready to answer any questions on change you have. Use Kaiya to:

  1. Build guided ADKAR blueprints  
  2. Draft key change messages  
  3. Customize communication for different audiences 
  4. Create sponsorship strategies  
  5. Develop resistance management tactics

Could you use a partner to help your organization succeed at change? Add Kaiya to your team.

Get Kaiya to unlock productivity and scale capabilities. It’s your personal change management assistant. Kaiya is currently only available for enterprise-wide subscriptions. Team (starting at 10 seats) and Individual subscriptions are not currently available. Contact us for subscription details.