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Georgia One of First U.S. States To Require Change Management


Change management has made many important strides over the the last decade, including a requirement for change management on projects at the legislative level. 

Effective July 1, 2016, the state of Georgia enacted the “Accountability, Change Management and Process Improvement Act of 2016.” As the state of Georgia increases the pace of process improvement and technology changes, it is now required that project leaders think through and plan for the project business case and the impacts to employees and citizens.

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Change Management Required
on Georgia Projects over $1 Million

Under the banner of agency readiness, the new bill states that, “all state agencies, boards, authorities and commissions of the executive branch of state government shall provide for a change management plan and resources necessary for plan execution for projects that exceed $1 million in value, projects that directly involve two or more state agencies, or service delivery changes in existing programs that significantly change existing business processes.”

The results of all our latest developments in the industry and this recent milestone in the state of Georgia tell us one thing: change management is a recognized discipline that is seen as a necessary component of running successful projects and businesses.

Dan Gamble, Account Manager responsible for government accounts at Prosci, shares his perspective on what this means for the discipline of change management:

This is a major validation of the value of change management. At a time when states are seeing a drastic reduction in their revenues due to legislative budget cutting, for the 8th largest state (by population) to mandate change management for all projects over $1M in budget speaks to its importance and value.

- Dan Gamble, Account Manager

Research on Changes in State Government

Out of the 4,500 participants in Prosci’s latest round of change management research, state government was the second most represented industry. These are agencies that impact not only a large number of employees but also a large number of state citizens through a multitude of changes. 

Georgia is not the only state heading this direction. Through his client experience, Dan shares his perspective on change management spreading across the United States:

To my knowledge, Georgia is the first state to enact such a requirement at this level. But other states have made recommendations, such as the state of Texas’ comptroller’s office, which wrote that “Agencies should have an effective change management process in place” when dealing with contractors. Even the U.S. State Department identifies the importance of having a change management plan for any new rules of law, but I could find no evidence of any other mandated change management requirement in the government sector in our country.

Another example of a state agency that has leveraged change management in meaningful ways is the Colorado Department of Transportation. Download their success story here to learn more about their change management efforts and successes. 

Change Management in Government

The awareness and recognition that change management is now a required element of planning at a legislative level is a large step forward for the maturation of change management. Milestones like these should be celebrated and leveraged. Prosci actively works with the state of Georgia to support this important bill and ensure change management is a key element of every plan to help ensure change success. 



Michelle Haggerty

Michelle Haggerty

Michelle Haggerty está na Prosci há mais de uma década. Como Chief Operating Officer da Prosci, ela é responsável pelo portfólio de serviços e operações internas da Prosci, liderando a direção estratégica de nossas ofertas e garantindo a qualidade da entrega. Ao equilibrar a excelência operacional com a experiência do cliente, Michelle ajuda as empresas a otimizar os benefícios de gestão de mudanças e a alcançar os resultados de seus projetos.

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