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How AXA Spain Created a Change Management Office to Drive Success


Experiencing several changes in one part of an organization is not easy. Imagine, then, going through several changes concurrently throughout an entire organization. That is what happened to the Spanish unit of AXA, a French multinational organization in the insurance and asset management industry. The organization was grappling with how to manage several simultaneous changes alongside their ambitious strategic goals for the future and reached out to Prosci for help.

Change Management, AXA and Prosci

In 2019, the organization developed a strategic plan for 2023, which included goals and changes to enhance competitiveness, become a preferred provider, and attract high-quality talent. To prioritize and manage change projects in their portfolio, reduce change saturation and fatigue, and equip the organization to meet its strategic goals, AXA and Prosci identified the need for an internal change management office (CMO) and to expand their change capabilities.

Key objectives of the engagement were to:

  • Apply a robust and proven change management methodology based on world-class best practices and which can be successfully integrated with AXA Spain's current project management methodology
  • Build a CMO to support AXA Spain’s most critical projects and guide the path to standardizing change management as a day-to-day practice embedded in the company's DNA
  • Evolve and expand the organizational capabilities and capacity for change management throughout AXA Spain

Read more about AXA’s journey to build a CMO, along with outcomes and lessons learned, in the full success story (also available in Spanish).


Roberto Konigs

Roberto Konigs

Vice President, Prosci Iberia Roberto Konigs is a seasoned executive, entrepreneur and change practitioner with over 25 years of experience leading successful transformations throughout Latin America and Spain. Before joining Prosci, he held executive leadership positions in telecommunications and information technology organizations, and he co-founded two consulting firms specializing in change management, organizational agility and workplace performance. Bilingual in Spanish and English, Roberto holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and a master’s degree in systems design. He is also a Prosci Certified Advanced Instructor with credentials in neuro-linguistic programming, coaching and modeling, and high-performance training. Roberto leads the Prosci Iberia team from Madrid, Spain.

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