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Top Prosci Blogs of 2021

Laura Powers

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This year, effectively managing a steady influx of changes was a top priority for organizations as they continued to work through digital transformations, the return to the workplace, restructurings, DE&I initiatives, and more. For many of these organizations, embracing and deploying change management was completely new. In fact, our most popular blogs in 2021 explored foundational topics: helping people engage with change management for the first time, distinguishing change management from project management, when to use a readiness assessment, risks of mismanaged change, and commonly asked questions during change.

Change Management Blogs

These blogs piqued reader interest in 2021. If a title resonates with you, chances are it will resonate with a colleague or leader in your organization who can benefit from understanding the people side of change. Be sure to pass it on!  

#5. Applying the ADKAR Model to New Change Management Work

applying-the-adkar-model-to-new-change-management-work_email-small (1)

For many people participating in organizational changes, such as  senior leaders and people managers, change management is a foreign concept. You can use the ADKAR Model to examine the key steps, messages and information required to help these and other change management team members successfully through their personal change of applying effective change management.

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#4. Change Management and Project Management: A Side-by-Side Comparison

Change management and project management are both change-management-a-side-by-side-comparison_email-smallnecessary when executing a project or initiative. Each discipline brings the critical structure needed for effectively implementing change and achieving the results you want. This highly shared blog shows how  change management and project management must work together to achieve successful change. 

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#3. When Should You Use a Change Management Readiness Assessment?

when-should-you-use-a-change-readiness-assessment_email-smallConducting a readiness assessment is a key part of change management planning, particularly when to developing a strategy that fits both the change and unique needs of your organization. Collecting and understanding data in key areas is essential to making good planning decisions.

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#2. The Costs and Risks of Poorly Managed Change

cost-and-risks_email-smallMismanaging change can bring about negative impacts at the project and organizational levels. Read on to learn about change management as a cost avoidance technique and risk mitigation tactic, as well as how to position these perspectives for leadership. 

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#1. 10 Questions Employees Will Have About Any Change

10-questions-email-small-1The top Prosci blog of 2021 (and a perennial favorite) explores the questions most frequently asked by front-line employees impacted by change. The detailed answers can help you prepare for discussions with employees while building awareness of the need for change and desire to support change. 

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Blogs and Resources For Change Management Professionals

In addition to the weekly blog, Prosci offers a variety of free resources for change management professionals and organizations impacted by change. Explore our Resource Center for research-based articles, on-demand webinars, eBooks, checklists, and other sharable content. 


Laura Powers

Laura Powers

Laura Powers is a marketing writer at Prosci. Formerly a freelance writer, she has helped many businesses engage readers with topics ranging from logistics and consumer products to higher education and professional services. Today Laura helps Prosci's readers better understand the people side of change and the many ways the Prosci Methodology can lead to greater success on must-win initiatives.

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