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Finish This Statement: We Should Embed Change Management Because...

Written by Tim Creasey

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Do you need to build buy-in for an Enterprise Change Management deployment at your organization? Complete this sentence: "We, as an organization, should work to embed change management and build organizational capabilities and competencies because..."

When we asked over 200 change practitioners how they would complete the statement above, we were able to group their responses into several categories. 

Driving More Successful Change

The research shows that change management effectiveness is directly linked to a higher probability of success. Projects with excellent change management are six times more likely to meet or exceed project objectives than projects with poor change management.


Handling the Amount of Change Occurring

Research participants have reported an increasing issue with change saturation since 2007. With many employees—and their leaders—overwhelmed with the amount of change in front of them, an enterprise-wide approach to change management adds a structure and process for prioritizing and managing change projects.

Addressing the Costs of Poorly Managed Change

The cost of recovering from poorly managed change is one of the most common and most effective arguments for change management. Learn more about the cost of poorly managed change under "Why Change Management Matters" in our article on The Harder Side of Change.

Preparing the Organization for the Future

We're moving into a future of faster, broader and more complex change. Investing in a change management capability deployment is not only beneficial to employees but sets the organization apart from its competition to be more agile and successful.

Discover All 7 Reasons

Looking for more? Discover all seven compelling reasons for a change management deployment, with the verbatim answers from webinar participants, in the following downloadable article. Here are more resources to help you establish enterprise change management:

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