FORT COLLINS, Colo., December 13, 2019 – Prosci is pleased to announce that PDiVision, based in Slovenia, and the newest member of the Prosci Global Affiliate Network (GAN), will begin offering Prosci services in the Balkan region. These will include Prosci Change Management Certification training, client-specific capability development programs, Advisory Services, Onsite Training, and enterprise Licenses in Slovenia and the Balkan region. This new partnership will help individuals and organizations across the Balkans who are looking to achieve greater results by applying change management to their initiatives and projects.

Like many markets across the globe, Eastern Europe is transforming the way that work is planned, managed and performed. This requires new ways of working and adaptations to processes, organizational models, systems and mindsets. Organizations in Eastern Europe, whether locally based or part of a large multinational corporation, have the same imperative: they need people to successfully adopt new ways of working on a regular basis. Effectively managing how people adapt from the current way of working, through a transition and to the new way, is what change management is all about.

“PDiVision is passionate about promoting the value of change management with our customers,” says Peter Dolenc, General Manager of PDiVision. “Prosci’s methodology is simple but powerful and aligns with our existing experience helping companies develop a capability for adapting to new business environments, approaches and technologies.”

“We conducted extensive market research and potential partner evaluation before we established our partnership with PDiVision,” says Mark Dorsett, EVP of Prosci’s Global Business. “We look for partners that share our commitment to client success and our passion and understanding of the value of change management. PDiVision demonstrates this and is enthusiastically looking forward to working together with Prosci to serve the needs of clients in the Balkans.”

PDiVision has gone through Prosci’s extensive, comprehensive onboarding program and is now ready to begin offering services to clients. Please check out their website for more information

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