Prosci is launching a new one-day, deep-dive program that will help you elevate your change management practice with important advanced skills. Available in January 2023, Prosci’s Improve Project Health program teaches you how to use critical thinking, peer insights, Prosci’s body of knowledge, and practical tools to analyze your project data and deliver better project outcomes for your organization.

In this program based on the Prosci Change Triangle (PCT) Model, you will learn how to effectively engage with stakeholders to align on project success. You’ll learn how to conduct a PCT Assessment by adapting resources for individual interviews, facilitated group sections, or surveys. You’ll use Prosci’s rich, data-driven tools and resources during and after the program. And much more.

By developing your PCT Model skills and applying them on each project, you can make smart, strategic recommendations and take action to improve project health, and ultimately deliver better project outcomes for your organization. Learn more.

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