intended for:

Front-line employees


45 minutes

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Build a foundational understanding of the ADKAR Model

Through this virtual learning module, participants build a foundational understanding of the ADKAR Model by applying the model throughout the module to a change that currently impacts them.

You can experience a sample of this module, including the first three sections of content and an example of the downloadable output of the module with the learner's ADKAR Model scores.

Outcomes and Learning Objectives

During this 45-minute virtual module, learners will:

  • Understand why some changes are easy to commit to and yield the results they want, while others are not as easy or successful
  • Learn a new way to look at change that helps them take action and increase success when facing the uncertainty of change
  • Pinpoint where they are in a change process, understand why they may be stuck, and identify actionable steps to move forward
  • Apply this new, structured way of viewing change to help them be more effective in their life and work
  • Learn a new language for change that they can use to discuss ongoing changes with their colleagues

Module Agenda

The following topics are covered in this module:

Section 1

  • Change is individual

Section 2

  • The Prosci ADKAR Model
    • Awareness
    • Desire
    • Knowledge
    • Ability
    • Reinforcement

Section 3

  • Understanding the barrier point to change

Section 4

  • Applying the ADKAR Model with others
Jean-Claude Monney - Microsoft
Jean-Claude Monney
Working our Adoption and Change Management program through the ADKAR Model gave us a higher degree of engagement. We were treating people differently.