intended for:

Employees, leaders, project managers


45 minutes

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Learn the foundations of change management

Through this virtual learning module, participants learn the five foundational tenets of change management by applying the tenets to a current project.

You can experience a sample of this module, including the first three sections of content and an example of the downloadable output of the module.

Outcomes and Learning Objectives

During this 45-minute virtual module, participants will:

  • Articulate the internally and externally driven reasons for a specific change
  • Understand how change management contributes to overall benefit realization and why it is important for your organization
  • Identify which groups will be impacted by a specific project and how
  • Evaluate their project’s current health in terms of change management, project management, and leadership/sponsorship

Module Agenda

The following topics are covered in this module:

Introduction and learning objectives

Section 2

  • Tenet 1: We change for a reason

Section 3

  • Tenet 2: Organizational change requires individual change

Section 4

  • Tenet 3: Organizational outcomes are the collective result of individual change

Section 5

  • Tenet 4: Change management is an enabling framework for managing the people side of change

Section 6

  • Tenet 5: We apply change management to realize the benefits and desired outcomes of change

Conclusion and next steps

Jean-Claude Monney
If you approach change management as an afterthought on a project, it's not going to work.