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Practitioners and change leaders

The research and data to help you succeed at change

For 25 years, Prosci has developed its methodologies and solutions based on in-depth industry research. Now, you can have direct access to Prosci research through the Prosci Research Hub online platform.

The Prosci Research Hub is an easy-to-use digital platform that provides access to Prosci research, including core studies, topical studies and relevant data across a broad array of topics. Support your practice with more than 20 years of best practices, lessons learned and insights from thousands of change leaders around the world.

Research Hub, part of the Prosci Hub Solution Suite, is a companion to other products in the suite, including Proxima and Knowledge Hub, to help you excel in change management.

Who's this for?

The Prosci Research Hub is a game-changer for practitioners and others needing anytime access to industry-leading change management research and data:

  • For individuals Especially practitioners wanting insights into how others in change management are doing change management, to help their projects succeed
  • For organizationsWanting a proven, best-practices approach to change management to improve overall change outcomes

Anytime, anywhere access

The Prosci Hub Solution Suite family of online, cloud-based products gives you ready access to important industry research, the Prosci Methodology, and more. 


Research Hub expands your change management knowledge through easy access to Prosci research:

  • Informative – delivers the largest body of change management research in the industry, with core studies, topical studies, and relevant data across a broad array of topics
  • In-depth – includes dynamic, searchable, digital version of Prosci's popular, in-depth Best Practices in Change Management report
  • Searchable – offers a robust search function that gives you quick access across all Research Hub content
  • Convenient – accessible anytime, anywhere via the Prosci Portal
  • Current – updated regularly to keep you on the cutting edge in your change management practice


Strengthen Your Change Management Practices
Strengthen Your Change Management Practice
Solve your change management challenges through lessons learned from other change leaders. Tap into real-world experiences and see what other practitioners are doing in their change management practices.
improve project results
Improve Your Project Results
Leverage anytime access to project-related data that will help move your project forward. Use the insights of change leaders from around the globe to make the project decisions that will lead to successful change outcomes.
manage change effectively
Manage Overall Change Effectively
Use the research to engage and influence internal audiences about change management and its relevance to your organization. Build enterprise change capability with a repeatable, scalable approach to managing change.
Diane M. Schreiner
Prosci’s team is knowledgeable and responsive, and consistently seeks to evolve the change management discipline through quality research and benchmarking.