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Monitoring and demonstrating change performance

Change management drives better project outcomes. But measuring and demonstrating change success can be a challenge for practitioners, sponsors and other change team members.  

Prosci’s one-day, intensive Achieve Change Performance program empowers you with the strategies and tools to stay on top of change performance throughout the project lifecycle. You learn: 

  • How to align stakeholders early on about what change success really means for your project 
  • Methods for evaluating organizational, individual and change performance throughout your project 
  • Advanced skills for defining, tracking and measuring change performance with the Prosci Change Performance Framework 
  • Whether you need to shift your change strategies anywhere along the way 

Through this structured, research-based approach, along with Prosci’s body of knowledge and practical tools, you are equipped to deliver better project outcomes—and demonstrate the ROI to the organization. 

Prerequisites: Prosci Change Management Certification Program or Prosci Change Management Practitioner Program. In addition, to get the most from this program, we highly recommend attending the other three Model Mastery programs first (Improve Project Health, and ADKAR Model Mastery Level 1 and 2).

Who should attend

If you’re ready to advance your change management skills and learn the power of the Prosci Change Performance Framework, the Achieve Change Performance program is for you. This program is especially for: 

  • Experienced practitioners – gain the skills to work with change leaders to define metrics for measuring change performance. 
  • Practitioners and deployment leaders – benefit from an early warning system that tells you if the change is off track so that you can course-correct. 
  • Practitioners and sponsors – learn how to demonstrate how you’re achieving project objectives and the value change management brings to your organization. 

What does Prosci research say?

In our best-practices research, 40% of respondents identified the lack of alignment on goals and objectives as the main reason change success wasn’t defined for their change projects. Having a common definition of change success—early on—is imperative.

Learning Objectives

In the deep-dive Achieve Change Performance program, you learn a performance-oriented approach for driving change success through advanced knowledge and skills, including:

  • The three levels of performance for change projects and how the levels are connected.
  • The critical success factors for applying the Prosci Change Performance Framework on your project.
  • How to facilitate a process to define metrics for measuring organizational and individual performance.
  • How to develop approaches to engage your key stakeholders to define, track and achieve change performance.


Welcome and Connection

Why Measure Change Performance?

Introduction to the Prosci Change Performance Framework

Define Performance

Define Success

Extended Break

Define Impact

Define Approach

Track and Adapt Performance

Achieve Performance

Next Steps and Close

Tools and Resources (included)

One-year subscription to digital content, guidance and resources in the Prosci Hub Solution Suite, including:

  • Knowledge Hub – Applying the Prosci Change Performance Framework, which includes electronic activity workbook and downloadable resources; also Applying the PCT Model, Applying the ADKAR® Model, and Practitioner Program
  • Research Hub - digital versions of Best Practices in Change Management – 12th Edition, topical studies, and relevant data across a broad array of topics 
Megan Stowe
Vancouver Coastal Health
The Prosci Change Performance Framework gave us the objective data we needed to make decisions and feel confident about the change. It increased our ability to be responsive to the needs of our people.