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Tim Creasey

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Change is hard. Change is fast. Change is continuous. But successful change is unlockable by preparing, equipping and supporting individuals through their journeys. It's a more productive and more humane way to create change. That's my "base beat" of change management—and it’s resonating with podcast hosts and listeners who work in a variety of disciplines and areas of expertise. 

Change Management Podcasts

Change management enhances design thinking, product development, project management, digital transformation, customer experience, the practice of medicine, and more. To learn how change management can enable your organization’s success, check out these podcasts hosted by thought leaders in change-enabling and change-inducing disciplines:

Digital Transformation Talk


How do we know when we’ve missed the mark on the people side of change? I join Ema Roloff on the Digital transformation Talk to share how to build Repeatable, Scalable Change Management into digital transformations and avoid common challenges.

The Changed Physician

The Changed Physician_Picture

Why should doctors care about change management and the people side of change? In this episode, I chat with Dr. Melissa Cady and Dr. Kevin Cuccaro about the Foundations of Change Management and how it can help physicians build skills in all walks of life.

Project Management Happy Hour



Project success often depends on people using your deliverables, but how much are you really focusing on helping those people make the changes necessary? In Change Management Mic Drops With Tim Creasey, Kate and Kim host me for a mic-drop discussion about the 5 Tenets of Change Management. Project managers can also earn continuing education credits (PDUs) with this podcast.

Project Management Happy Hour


You're not seeing double! Kim and Kate invited me back to the Project Management Happy Hour for a marathon discussion that became a two-part series. In it, we explore some of my current work on the pain, power and potential of getting everyone the same page. We also walk through a 12-pack of alignment hacks that you can begin using immediately.

PM Podcast

PMPodcast_picture-1In episode 468 of the Project Management Podcast, Project Management is Change Management, Cornelius Finch and I cover the intersection of project management and change management across numerous dimensions. We also participate in a great Q&A with a live audience.

Change on the Run


How do you engage leaders during change to fulfill their roles and ensure people have everything they need to take on new mindsets, routines and behaviors? How do you measure success to estimate the benefits of change and monitor the approach taken to realize them? Phil Buckley and I explore both issues in these episodes:

Change It

Change It_imageHow does change management effectively partner with other change disciplines like organizational development, project management and communications to enable organizational agility? Eloise Seidelin and I discuss Change Ecosystems and the “multilingual” change leader in this first episode of the Change Masterclass series. 

What Monkeys Do

what-monkey-do_pictureChange is an individual journey; how can you move through it effectively? In this episode of What Monkeys Do, I join Morten Kamp Andersen to reveal 5 Steps to Overcome Your Change Barriers and succeed with changes of all kinds.

More Podcasts on the People Side of Change

The episodes above are just a sampling of the many great podcasts and hosts that have welcomed me as a guest. Check out our full library of podcasts on our website. 


Listen and Learn With Change Management Podcasts 

Change practitioners know that change management is the application of a structured process and set of tools for leading the people side of change to achieve a desired outcome. As an effective change agent, you need to be able to tell the story of the value you create in all sorts of contexts, and the various pairings in these podcasts give you a solid jumping-off point. If you are less familiar with the people side of change, these podcasts might be surprisingly helpful. Give them a listen!



Tim Creasey

Tim Creasey

Tim Creasey é o Chief Innovation Officerda Prosci e um líder reconhecido globalmente em Gestão de Mudanças. Seu trabalho forma a base do maior conjunto de conhecimentos do mundo sobre como gerenciar o lado humano da mudança para fornecer resultados organizacionais.

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