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Financial Services Leader Drives High Adoption of Workday System

Jeremy Carson

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This innovative company is one of the top investment management firms in the U.S. To continue to evolve in its competitive, high-growth industry, it needed a structured, scalable change management solution.

After establishing their Change Management Center of Excellence, the change team agreed on its mission:

  • Build a change management community
  • Execute change management on major projects
  • Set the standards for other practicing change managers across the firm

To date, the company has 131 Prosci Certified Change Practitioners who are helping changes succeed across the organization, plus several individuals with the credentials to teach Prosci role-based training internally.

One change in particular—transitioning employees to a new Workday Time Tracking and Payroll platform—offered new opportunities for operational efficiency. A proactive, structured approach to change management was key to the high levels of adoption and minimal resistance they experienced.

Learn how this change team managed the Workday change and positioned the company for success on future high-risk changes.


Jeremy Carson

Jeremy Carson

Jeremy Carson is a Senior Account Manager who specializes in helping clients in the financial services, insurance, consulting, professional services, and supply chain industries drive successful change and build change capability throughout their organizations. His 15 years in change management include several years on the training team, where he developed expertise in the Prosci Methodology delivering Prosci programs to practitioners, managers and executives around the world.

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