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Interactive Report: Research on Impactful Actions for Change Success


The pandemic is reshaping the future of change management. To help practitioners understand how to succeed in the new landscape, Prosci conducted a deep-dive study of the Top Contributors to Change Success in a Post-Pandemic World. Today, as we celebrate our silver anniversary of Prosci research, we’re thrilled to release the study’s findings in an exciting new, interactive digital format.

Celebrating and Elevating Prosci Research

Prosci’s change management research process, tools and reports have evolved—and continue to evolve— to reflect the fast-paced, digital times we live in. Gone are the days of publishing paper journals every few years.

Prosci research now offers active engagement with meaningful insights on demand to help you unlock the specific challenges you’re facing today. With interactive capabilities, you become the researcher. Slice and dice the data your way—by industry, region, organization size, participant demographics and much more. Welcome to a new era of Prosci research.

Explore data and insights from Prosci's Best Practices in Change Management – 12th Edition study, as well as 
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Examine one of Prosci's interactive, change management research reports

Shifts in the Top Contributors to Change Success in a Post-Pandemic World revealed changes impacting today’s marketplace unlike any we’ve experienced before. When we asked more than 1,400 study participants globally to reflect on the pandemic and change, unique challenges, and emergent contributors, we also asked them to share the adaptations they made to succeed.

Ready to explore the adaptations? Click the link below to access Prosci’s interactive report on the Most Impactful Actions for Change Success in a Post-Pandemic World. It’s just one of the reports that comprise the full study. Examine the data your way by toggling between the top seven contributors and the top three most impactful adaptations to reveal the corresponding participant comments.

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Prosci Research in Minutes, Not Months

We’re celebrating 25 years of research, but we’ll continue to elevate our approach with new innovations over time. For now, help us spread the word! Copy and share the link with anyone interested in the latest change management research.

And if you want to access the full Top Contributors to Change Success in a Post-Pandemic World interactive report, Best Practices in Change Management – 12th Edition interactive report, and Prosci’s entire library of change management research, subscribe to Research Hub.


Scott Anderson

Scott Anderson

Scott Anderson is Sr. Principal, Research & Analytics at Prosci. A change strategist and researcher, Scott has over 15 years of experience leading disruptive changes in the IT, nonprofit and higher ed sectors. Before joining Prosci, Scott led the successful Enterprise Change Management deployment across Western Governors University. He holds a master’s degree in communications from the University of Utah and a doctorate in communication studies from the University of Texas at Austin, where his research centered on influence, technology and organizational communication. He is also a Prosci Certified Advanced Instructor (PCAI) with credentials in business process management and performance measurement.

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