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Partners in Change: Building Global Organizational Capability

Mike Davis

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Prosci’s global leadership in change management has steadily grown in recent years. In 2009, we formalized our Prosci Global Partner Network, beginning with partners in Australia, Denmark, the Middle East and South Africa. As of 2019, Prosci has 30 partners with coverage in 60+ countries and delivery capabilities in 11 languages.

Delivering on client needs

Prosci understands that consistency and global standards are fundamental requirements for organizations choosing to build their change capability. Companies want to ensure the methodology and tools they adopt in one office or business unit are consistent with what their counterpart in another location adopts. Localization is also a key success factor in each market, where organizations need experienced change management instructors who align with their language and cultural needs.

From a procurement and contracting perspective, clients also need options. Prosci and our Partner Network can offer single-source contracting or a hybrid approach.


Prosci CEO Scott McAllister addresses members of the Global Affiliate Network during a 2019 summit.

Extending Prosci’s expertise globally

Prosci is proud of the collaboration with our partners and the extent of our global reach. Through partnering with established local firms rather than individual-delivery agents, we have experienced global teams delivering the full breadth of Prosci’s solutions, including role-based development programs, advisory services, licensing and tools.

In addition to their client-specific engagements, each month our partners outside of the U.S. host 30 or more public, open-enrollment, Change Management Certification Programs. Adding in Prosci’s direct markets (U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand), over 60 public Prosci Certification Programs are offered each month around the world.  

The Prosci Global Partner Program boasts over 120 experienced instructors. Each partner has completed an audit to ensure global delivery standards and has experience supporting the largest organizations around the world, including 80% of Fortune 500 brands.

prosci-gan-event-webProsci hosted all 30 Global Partners, representing 60 countries, at our Fort Collins headquarters in 2019. 

Helping organizations build change capability

In April of 2019 we kicked off a global engagement with two organizations: a leading carpet manufacturer and a global technology provider. Both organizations have stood up centers of excellence for change management in the U.S. and are working to build enterprise-wide capability in change management. The U.S. parent offices of each company saw quick results from their change management investments, so training and advisory work soon followed outside the U.S. to support their global implementations.

Prosci Partners empowered these organizations to create a common language and standard change management deliverables across each global business unit. As a result, both clients have reported a strong baseline for future initiatives to quickly deploy their internal team of change practitioners.


Prosci Partners share how to say "change management" in their native languages.

A Shared Mission

Prosci Partners share in the mission to build internal change management competency with each engagement. With a localized approach that reflects Prosci’s global standard methodology to change management, organizations around the globe can move their change capabilities forward and elevate the results of key projects.

View full interviews with featured Prosci Partners on our YouTube channel.

Mike Davis

Mike Davis

Mike Davis manages the operations of Prosci’s Global Affiliate Network. Having worked in change management for 10+ years, he feels passionate about growing the discipline globally. Mike has supported Prosci training programs in over 20 countries, observing common challenges and industry disruptions that open doors for a more effective and mature change management discipline over the long term. He's based at Prosci HQ in Fort Collins, where he indulges his love for the outdoors and adventure sports.

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