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How to Jump Start Your Organizational Change Management Approach

Randy Herrera

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If the volume and pace of today’s ever-changing priorities has highlighted the need to execute effective change management in your organization, you’re not alone. But how can you realize benefits from change management quickly without having to start from scratch? Here’s how several organizations paved their unique paths to success with organizational change and how leveraging a Prosci license helped them get there.

Client Successes Using a Prosci License

Although clients apply our licenses in specific ways, there is truly no one-size-fits-all approach. The road to change management success truly depends on what your organization needs today. 

Establish a new change management office

This utility company started implementing a change management program and building a CMO by adopting the Prosci Methodology and obtaining an Enterprise Change Management License. Learn how they piloted and scaled their approach to serve the global organization and its employees.

Build change management competency with a limited budget

This state government organization employed the Prosci Methodology and Enterprise Change Management license to improve customer service and maximize efficiencies. Explore the successful approach they followed to reduce training and other costs to service their customer base as their population continues to expand.  


Enhance existing processes by increasing employee adoption and usage

This global information technology distributor used a Prosci license to integrate change management with employee workstreams and enable their continuous improvement processes—and achieved far more than expected. Learn how customized trainings, materials and tools helped them shape their own success.

Create a more positive, engaged and change-ready culture

Project managers at this manufacturing company used an ADKAR Enablement license to provide role-based tools to employees, create better awareness about change management, and build internal change capabilities. Read about how ADKAR helped them accomplish an organization-wide shift in their company culture.  

Grow and mature change management capabiltieis as an organization

A global technology outsourcer needed high adoption rates on multiple global projects and realized that building enterprise-wide change capabilities could help them reach their goal. Discover how they achieved greater ROI, increased speed to proficiency, and more while growing their level of change management maturity.  

Prosci Change Management Maturity Model


Customize and scale change management for your global organization

This leading innovator in digital technology and cloud-based services had been deploying change management for more than a decade when shifting market dynamics elevated the importance of user adoption and change management. Learn how a Prosci license helped the organization customize and scale change management, and much more.

Tailor Change Management With a Prosci License

Backed by 25 years of research, Prosci licenses provide a solid foundation to use as a starting point for building the specific change management program you need right now. These licenses scale easily across large and distributed organizations, integrate with your existing processes and programs, and enable your entire organization to speak a common language around change. You can even tailor the Prosci Methodology, trainings, tools and materials to reflect your brand and work with your unique approaches—and truly make it your own.



Randy Herrera

Randy Herrera

Randy Herrera has worked in the change management discipline for over a dozen years. Striving to deliver people-dependent ROI on critical initiatives, Randy partners with senior leaders to design and implement strategies that help organizations build lasting change capabilities.

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