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Prepare to Get the Most From Your Virtual Training Experience


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If the thought of virtual training conjures images of dull videos and scripted lessons, think again. Unlike the passive learning approaches of yesteryear, the most engaging learning experiences today use live-streaming platforms to re-create the classroom virtually. To enjoy a great virtual training experience, all you need to do is prepare properly, so you're ready to learn.

Today's Virtual Training Classroom 

Virtual training programs offer a variety of features, and the best combination for you depends on your learning style and professional needs. With live, synchronous training, you interact with instructors who can see and communicate with you in real time. Some programs offer another layer of learning support from team members who monitor chat panels and instant messaging to answer questions, share resources, and troubleshoot problems whenever the instructor is busy teaching.

In addition to two-way communications, the more interactive virtual training experiences incorporate collaboration and networking activities. Modern platforms make breakout sessions easy, so you can “leave the room” to work on activities privately with classmates throughout the session. Sharing screens and materials among instructors and participants makes collaborating more like in-person environments too. And to mix things up, live polling, contests, quizzing, presentations, games and activities are just some of the ways you can stay engaged and connected with classmates.

Perhaps nothing can compete with the sense of connectedness you get from the best in-person training programs. But virtual training does offer many ways to help you connect personally and professionally with peers. Online polling, virtual chat, and live virtual discussion forums are great ways to share insights, solicit advice about specific issues and projects, enhance new skills, and develop your professional network.

"Although I was hesitant at first, I’m really glad that I moved forward with Prosci’s virtual training. It was a great online experience and much more interactive than I had even hoped for. It felt like I was in the same room with the other attendees." —Lisa Cox



How to Get the Most Out of Training

No matter the potential for success, you must do your part to achieve it. To make the most of your virtual training investment, it is essential to prepare effectively:

Prepare your work space

Choose a comfortable chair and a writing surface suitable for a full day’s work, such as a desk or kitchen table. Lounging on a comfy couch is fine for passive learning like webinars, but engaging in a live classroom with learning objectives and skills testing requires your full attention. 

Prepare your technology
Set up your computer and webcam, and make sure you have reliable high-speed internet access. You can connect to audio through the computer or use a separate phone line. A hands-free headset helps limit ambient sounds. And keep your power cords handy—video streaming can drain laptop batteries quickly. Finally, save time on the first day of training by completing any necessary downloads in advance. 

Prepare for class
Follow the preparation instructions to make sure you’re ready to go. Complete and submit any pre-work as required. Review provided guidelines and materials in advance. And most importantly, be sure to block out the time on your calendar. Silence your phone and ask others to respect your dedicated training time, so you can focus on learning.

Prepare to engage
One of the biggest keys to success in any online learning environment is active participation. Ask questions. Speak up during discussions. Collaborate during breakout sessions. Complete all practice assignments and self-graded quizzes. And take full advantage of peer-to-peer networking discussions and opportunities. 

"This program was great timing since I’m in the midst of a change project. Throughout the program I was able to develop a plan for how to apply change management to my project. Even though a virtual environment, I definitely achieved my learning objectives."   —Sue Tolson

Uniquely Prosci Training Experiences

While the world has changed, our commitment to creating unforgettable experiences has not changed. Our Virtual, Instructor-Led Training Programs teach the same learning objectives as our traditional in-class programs, including the Prosci Methodology and ADKAR Model. Contact us to learn more about all of our virtual training programs. And prepare to get the most out of your virtual training experience.

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