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SURA Asset Management Embarks on Digital and Cultural Transformation

Sue Emond

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SURA Asset Management is a Latin American financial services leader and part of Grupo SURA, which has operations in Mexico, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay and El Salvador. Backed by 70 years of industry experience, the company serves 19 million Latin American customers through managing assets worth $131 billion.

Addressing Complex Changes

A few years back, SURA faced significant regulatory changes and numerous large, disruptive change initiatives. These included digitalization, innovation, flex office and sales transformation projects.

Leadership identified change management as critical to the success of these projects and a vital component of future growth and stability. They turned to Prosci Global Partner Faculta (now Prosci Iberia and Latin America) for help in achieving their change management goals.

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The change management strategy included role-based Prosci training for practitioners, managers and sponsors in key areas of the organization, plus Advisory Services for additional support. Since adopting the Prosci Methodology and growing change capability in important functional areas, SURA has realized significant benefits:

Elevating Organizational Change Capability

Learn more about how SURA and Faculta partnered to help SURA become a flexible, agile organization that can quickly and effectively embrace change.

Download the SURA success story

Sue Emond

Sue Emond

Sue Emond is the content marketing strategist for Prosci, where her focus is equipping individuals and organizations with the content they need along their change management journeys. Sue uses her diverse background in marketing, communications and customer reference programs to help foster a culture of engagement between Prosci and its customers while helping to drive client success.

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